My Little Pony Fan Figures Are Figures Of My Little Pony Fans

Integrity Toys celebrates the adult fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with a line of high-end fashion dolls that are mind-bendingly discordant. The outfits, the hair, the accessories — all of these make sense. But when applied to people so pretty only plastic could render them properly, my head starts to hurt. I'm not saying there aren't fans of My Little Pony that aren't fit or athletic or stunning. I'm saying that the Applejack fan doll in the orange plaid with green suspenders looks like GI Joe finally fell for one of Cobra's nefarious schemes.

Each 30cm doll in the <3 MLP line was specially designed to evoke one of the cartoon's six mane characters, and Integrity has done an amazing job styling the hair and assembling the accessories. The Fluttershy doll, called kind_pegasus95, is particularly nice, and might be a gift for my wife once the official website updates with pricing and preorder details for the figures, which are limited to 500 pieces each.

But overall, they're just weird, like a football helmet with a TARDIS on it. Check the full line out below.


    yeah..... no

    More accurate title would be "My little pony fan figures are figures of how my little pony fans want to look"

    Last edited 18/08/16 10:20 pm

    It's just the right market for a doll that looks like their customers. Narcissism is a huge commodity today.

    Where's the neckbeard and fedora toting figure though?

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