Nendoroid Meta Knight Figure Deserves All The Hugs

So here he is with open arms, hoping you'll see what your love means to him, Meta Knight.

Up for pr-eorder now through September with a release slated for March 2017, Good Smile Company's Nendoroid version of Kirby's coolest foe is a little bit of cheating. After all, the Nendoroid series is all about rendering familiar characters in adorable form, and Meta Knight looks like this all the time.

Like the previously released Kirby figure, the Meta Knight Nendoroid cleverly uses magnets for posing his parts on what is essentially a ball with a mask on.

He's got his sword, his wings and his winning combination of honour and questionable allegiances that's left fans a little confused for years. Best of all, he comes with a cape, because ball knights can really rock a cape.

Nendoroid Meta Knight is available for preorder at the Good Smile online shop through September 21, with a suggested retail price of $US50.99 ($67).


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