Next Rocket League Championship Season Triples Prize Pool To $US250,000

Image: Psyonix

Rocket League may not be the hot sensation these days, but for a game about cars smashing soccer balls around, it's gone from strength to strength. This is especially true when it comes to esports. In fact, developer Psyonix has just announced the details for the next championship season, including a massively fatter prize pool — over three times fatter, actually.

Whereas the first season featured a $US75,000 pool, season two will come with a $US250,000 one, as Psyonix' community specialist Josh Watson explains.

The developer will also be mixing up the format, based on feedback from "the community, players and organisations around the globe" that suggested the original setup "was overly complicated":

Open Qualifier >> League Play >> Regional Playoffs >> Grand Finals  

  • Much like Season 1, teams will compete in the Open Qualifier until only the top-eight teams per region remain.
  • The top-eight teams qualify for a spot in League Play, a four-week group stage using the Round-Robin format.
    • Matches during League Play will be a best-of-five series
    • Team standings are decided by series wins during League Play.
  • The top-six teams after League Play qualify for the Regional Playoffs, a two-week bracket to determine the final four teams per region. Both regions will be represented in the Grand Finals.
    • The top two teams after League Play get an automatic bye into the top four and clinch a spot in the Grand Finals.
    • The remaining teams will be placed in a double-elimination bracket to find the remaining two teams to clinch a Grand Finals spot.

As you can probably tell from the lead image, registrations open on August 24 (so 24-25 for us), so you have plenty of time to contemplate what you might do with the spoils.

The Rocket League Championship Series is back [Rocket League]


    Which regions are eligible to play in the RLCS?

    Players from North America and Europe are eligible to play in the RLCS.

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