Nintendo Consoles Have The Sexiest Codenames

I was reading this interview with Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime, which was very interesting, featured details about Nintendo's plans for the future, etc.

At one point he talks about the NX and it got me thinking — I wonder what the NX will be called when it eventually has a proper name. If history repeats, I bet it will be way less cool than Nintendo NX.

Because Nintendo, without a shadow of a doubt, always has the sexiest codenames for its consoles.

Check this shit out.

Project Reality (Nintendo 64)

I mean Jesus H. Christ, this sounds like the greatest science fiction movie ever made. I want to watch that movie. Project Reality motherfuckers. Is this even real? Are we even in the real world.


Think about it man. What if this was all like... a video game. What if we're in a video game right now.

Bro, that shit is deep bro.

Dolphin (Nintendo Gamecube)

Mate, Dolphins are — hands down — the sickest creatures in the sea. They're intelligent. They're cute. Flipper was the bomb and I don't care who knows it.

The audacity, the sheer audacity, of naming your console after the greatest mammal in the ocean.

Nintendo, y'all are geniuses.

Nitro (Nintendo DS)

Nitro is just a cool-ass word. If you call something Nitro is means shit is about to go off.

Nitro is like a made up drug name from a Robocop movie or some shit. "Hey man, you got any of that Nitro? That shit make you go locooooo."

Then Robocop rolls in and shoots up the drug cartel where they're making all the Nitro and it all gets wild for a bit. The bad guy is a robot that runs on Nitro and Robocop is no match for him. Then at the end, Robocop summons up the last vestige of his humanity and somehow takes out the bad guy against all the odds.

Nitro. That word takes you places.

Nintendo Revolution (Nintendo Wii)

When Nintendo officially announced the name 'Nintendo Wii' I was legitimately shitty.

You had the greatest console name of all time and you changed it to... the Nintendo Wii?

Hard to argue with the logic in hindsight, but Nintendo Revolution. Damn. That had a helluva ring to it. Because it was a 'revolution'. It did change things. It was revolutionary.

I wonder: would the Nintendo Wii have been more or less successful with the name Nintendo Revolution. Hard to tell.

Twilight (Nintendo DSi)

Twilight sounds like a superhero.

She only comes out at night. Or I guess, just before night. I dunno. She's definitely a female superhero. Her super powers are greater battery life and two cameras that no-one really used that much.

And get this, the Nintendo DSi XL was code-named... ULTRA TWILIGHT.

Fuck yes.


    I'd like to see NX called the Famicom. In all regions. That's just me though.

    what about project café? (wii-u)
    that just oozes sexuality to me.

      Project Kontrolle seems sexier to me, but then again, I've always been one for the whips and chains... ;-)

    The one that bugs me the most is the 3DS. The others, you saw their codename in the codes for the products. NUS/Nintendo Ultra Sixtyfour, DLP/Dolphin, NTR/Nitro, RVL/Revolution... but what is CTR??

    I just cant imagine the msrketing meeting where they said "We need a final product name for the Nintendo Reality console and the final choice is N64"... replace that with any combination and it sounds dumb.

    We decided to call the Dolphin this... cause its a cube.
    We decided to call the Nitro this... cause it has dual screens.

    It sounds really dumbed down for the sake on consumers and easier to translate universally.

    Thar said I cant believe you made a reference to Twilight sounding super heroic like when I think glittery pasty white blood sucker.

    Sorry Mark, thats Nuke you're talking about. Made in America mean something again.........

    Think about it man. What if this was all like… a video game. What if we’re in a video game right now.

    ...said every stoner.


    Last edited 26/08/16 4:39 pm

    I hope they stick with NX.

    But it's Nintendo, so I look forward to them revealing the WiiUu

      Or the WiiWii. That would be a pisser.

    None of these names match up to the Dreamcast's original codename: Katana.

    I still want one of the sexy-as-all-get-out Katana devkits, too.

    (Also the coolest Nintendo codename was hands down Atlantis, for a Game Boy successor that never got released.)

    I really wished they would have stuck with Ultra 64 for the N64. Even early 3rd Party accessories were branded this way.

    Why do things never end up having these awesome names? Why did Sony rename the badass Morpheus as the ultra-generic PSVR? Boggles the mind.

    I hope they keep the NX name, but judging by this history they won't.

    I think someone forgot what the word sexy means.

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