No Man’s Sky Data-Miners Discover Some Weird Stuff

No Man’s Sky Data-Miners Discover Some Weird Stuff

Above: a 3D model that may or may not represent the player’s character in No Man’s Sky, a video game in which you travel through space thinking you might be able to see other people, then don’t.

NeoGAFfer Hugo Peters has been data-mining the PC version of No Man’s Sky and found some bizarre images including aliens, the Half-Life logo, and this:

And this:

You can head on over to the NeoGAF thread to see everything they have uncovered, which is mostly just weird — nothing particularly newsworthy in there. Two noteworthy things they say they haven’t found, on the other hand: 1) giant snakes and 2) any signs of multiplayer.


    • Yet still manages to post a potential spoiler image in the front page. Flipping the double bird at the author right now! NOT HAPPY.

          • Gotta admit, I’m like 30+ hours into the game and that question hasn’t really come up for me honestly. Then again that barely looks human to me lol

          • I came across an alien last night that asked how I would describe the intelligence of humans (indicated as my species). I assumed it was a given…

  • Probably just stock test models, with no relevance to the game itself.
    (But that’s obvious, right?)

    • Quite obvious, yes.

      I’ve still got assets from my other failed/in-progress games still in my current Unity package I have yet to delete (if I ever do), so these files could also not even be related to this game.

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