No Man's Sky Data-Miners Discover Some Weird Stuff

Above: a 3D model that may or may not represent the player's character in No Man's Sky, a video game in which you travel through space thinking you might be able to see other people, then don't. NeoGAFfer Hugo Peters has been data-mining the PC version of No Man's Sky and found some bizarre images including aliens, the Half-Life logo, and this:

And this:

You can head on over to the NeoGAF thread to see everything they have uncovered, which is mostly just weird — nothing particularly newsworthy in there. Two noteworthy things they say they haven't found, on the other hand: 1) giant snakes and 2) any signs of multiplayer.


    "nothing particularly newsworthy" sums up kotaku pretty well i reckon

      Yet still manages to post a potential spoiler image in the front page. Flipping the double bird at the author right now! NOT HAPPY.

        How on earth is that a spoiler?

          You don't even know if you're human in the game, it's one of the big questions.

            Gotta admit, I'm like 30+ hours into the game and that question hasn't really come up for me honestly. Then again that barely looks human to me lol

            I came across an alien last night that asked how I would describe the intelligence of humans (indicated as my species). I assumed it was a given...

      Careful swinging that edge around or we'll have to take away your Totin' Chip.

      Last edited 16/08/16 9:39 am

    Why don't game companies encrypt the files on the discs?

    Probably just stock test models, with no relevance to the game itself.
    (But that's obvious, right?)

      Quite obvious, yes.

      I've still got assets from my other failed/in-progress games still in my current Unity package I have yet to delete (if I ever do), so these files could also not even be related to this game.

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