No Man’s Sky Mods Have Arrived

No Man’s Sky Mods Have Arrived

It was only going to be a matter of time, and in less than a week the PC community has begun to deliver — mods for No Man’s Sky.

A small range of offerings are available now at the No Man’s Sky Mods website, as well as a small tutorial on how to get the mods going. It’s not the simplest process in the world, and it involves editing the .PAK files found within the “PCBANKS” folder in the main install directory for No Man’s Sky.

There’s a video explaining how the mod process works, although it basically comes down to replacing the individual .PAK files that affect the part of the game you want to change. From the gamer’s perspective, all that means is you have to download and drop the mods into the same folder, which is fairly easy.

People have already started making a massive amount of changes to the game. This mod multiplies the game’s internal rendering resolution, which should help those frustrated with the game’s blur and lack of sharpness.

There’s a mod for speeding up the game’s loading screen — or at least making the logos disappear faster. This one gets rid of scan lines, vignetting and chromatic abberation. This one buggers off those annoying audio messages. And this one is basically a cheat if you want to run around and Buy All The Things.

I’m not going to mess around with any of the filter removals or the vignetting, but I do like the idea of the resolution multiplier. What mods would you like to see?


  • I’m so glad somebody made a mod to remove the insane level of CA/Vignetting/Scan Lines. All that stuff has been driving me crazy. Why would you spend so much effort making your game look like badly damaged film… There should be in-game options to turn off those effects but there aren’t so… mods to the rescue!

    Also I see that somebody made a mod to make clicking on things instant instead of having to hold the button. Which is good because having to hold the button was an incredibly stupid decision made by an absolute madman. Nobody anywhere has ever wanted that.

    I like the game overall but some of the smaller design decisions absolutely boggle my mind.

    • Do a Google search for the following “1970s Sci Fi art” that will explain the art direction of No Man’s Sky. I am sure I read somewhere that’s what the Devs were aiming for.

    • I’ve seen a few comments on the scan lines, and really don’t understand. They’re only strong on the periphery of the screen, and even then are still pre.subtle. I hadn’t really noticed them til I specifically went looking for them.

    • Chromatic Aberration in games is a trend I can’t wait to see die. it’s awful, it looks awful and games that don’t offer an option to turn it off make me want to punch kittens.

      That said, in a game like Destiny or No Man’s Sky, I can sort-of see the justification, as you’re viewing the world through a helmet with glass that, in a run-down universe, might not be optically perfect. That doesn’t explain why, In Destiny, it’s still on when you view your character in third-person, though.

  • Call me a dead horse flogger, but I’m holding out hope for some kind of co-op / multiplayer enabling mods. Some of the most fun I’ve had with minecraft has just been dicking around with friends, and a game like No Man’s Sky would have been perfect for that.

  • I knew this was going to happen, but didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. PC version should definitely end up the superior version (eventually).

  • I got the game on PS4 for a variety of reasons, good ones that still apply to me.
    But I suspect it will be the last console game I ever buy aside from some PsVR stuff. PC games might take longer to get into shape but they ultimately end up better.

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