No Man’s Sky Mods Make Everything Huge

Not awed by No Man’s Sky? Maybe you just need a change in perspective.

The No Man’s Sky mod scene is still super young, but it’s already spawned some pretty popular mods. Among them, the BigThings mod stands tallest in that it’s already got extremely enthusiastic supporters and, well, it makes everything really tall. Trees, plants and rocks become towering, imposing — like nobody’s trimmed them in years, like nobody’s laid eyes on them in ever. Suddenly, the game’s planets feel like something out of Prehistoric times, or at least Jurassic Park.

The Bigger Creatures mod adds to this impression, giving many creatures you encounter dinosaur-like proportions. Underpopulated planets don’t feel quite so lonely when everything’s fucking enormous.

The two mods have upped many people’s enjoyment of No Man’s Sky, mine included. They can, however, cause your framerate to take a slight hit in places. It’s nothing too terrible, though.

Watch me explore a few planets with these mods in the video above.


  • That looks awesome, makes the game look a lot more like the luscious wild places from the E3 reveal rather than the often barren boring ones they currently are…

  • Awesome. Although I already have decent frame rate issues I think I’ll give this a try.

    Tell you what though. Someone needs to create a mod & alter fall damage in game because that shite’s wack at the moment. You’re in a suit & fall 2mtrs & the game’s like fk you. Also a higher/lover gravity mod for specific planets would be a wecome inclusion. Ya the suits suppose to compensate. But again. Fk that. Give us some variety gawd!

    Am looking forward to the mod scene in this game that’s for sure.

    • Quoted from Sean Murray:

      So, for instance, we say that you have a suit, and that means that gravity is kind of nullified. It’s super weird to have a game where, every planet you land on, you walk at a different speed, you run at a different speed and you jump at a different speed.

      Sure, Murray. It’s super weird to have a game where different planets have different gravity, but not weird at all that even if the planet had light gravity your fucking suit will still kill you by normalising it and forcing you to take fall damage.

      Kerbal Space Program has different gravity on different planetary bodies. It’s not weird at all. Just another excuse for why a common sense feature is mysteriously absent.

    • The part that confuses me is that you’re in a space suit yet you start suffering heat damage over 40 degrees C.

      I guess they don’t really explain what species your character is and what technology they’re using.

      • I thought the same thing. Heat is an issue at 40 degrees, but not minus 50…

        Hasnt changed my enjoyment, but its a little strange. Had a paradise planet (think it even rated it that) a few days ago. Nice grass to roll on, no hostile animals (and for once, I FOUND EM ALL!!!), oceans, lakes, rivers. So close to some of the teaser vids I could almost see THAT game.

        Then I noticed the temperature was -57 degrees. Storms (hah! I stood outside and the timer got to 75% before it stopped) actually warmed things up, it was only -55… Not really dealbreaking, but its strange that a near earth like presentation is undone by one number. At that temperature, thats not water. So those arent water based plants, at least not the grass swaying in the breeze. When you start to think about it, things start to unravel.

        So after the dozen prior planets were all hostile, harsh, and basically a downer, I chose not to think about it. I needed a holiday 🙂

        • I found it a desert planet that had hot days, cold nights and heat storms.
          Was a bit weird walking around at night with a heat and cold bar displayed, both dropping.

          • Thats sorta how it works though. Mecury is an extreme example, but goes from -170ish on the cold side, to +400ish on the hot side. Wouldnt want to get stuck in that at the best of times, but most planets dont have the goldilocks benefit we do, where the day and night temperatures are so stable.

            But yeah, weird to have the cold effect from the general conditions, and the heat effect from the storm… You’d think one would cancel the other, but its just a game and things ARE going to go wrong 🙂

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