Nothing Brings World Of Warcraft Together Like The Invading Demonic Horde

For the past week players of all levels, races and factions have been joining forces to try and stem the tide of soul-hungry demons spilling into our lands, determined to end life as we know it. I've not had this much fun with other players in ages. Since last Tuesday up until this morning's maintenance, two locations on Azeroths' original two continents would host a demon invasion in four hour cycles. Players entering an invaded zone can choose to participate in the event (once per cycle). Each event is split up into four parts. First players fend off lesser demons. Than a mini-boss arrives. Once the mini-boss is down the players take to the offensive, hunting down prime targets and destroying enemy fortifications. Finally there's a massive raid boss with completely unfair attacks, at least by solo player standards.

You can watch an entire invasion unfold in Westfall in the video atop this post. Mind the punny character name.

What's great about these pre-Legion events, now running across even more zones in two hour cycles, is that players of all level ranges and faction affiliation can play together. Thanks to Blizzard's new scaling tech, my level 63 Warrior has battled back-to-back with a level 100 Demon Hunter. In my eyes the enemy was a level 63 Elite. In my compatriots, it was a level 100 Elite. It's all a tricksy matter of fractions and ratios that's seamless to the player. I expect we'll be seeing much more of the mechanic in the future.

For a brief moment Horde and Alliance NPCs surrounding the invaded areas see all players as equals, Azerothians fighting towards a common goal. Linger too long following an invasion event at the back door to Orgrimmar as an Alliance character and you're so, so dead, but for that single shining moment (several times a day), we're united.


    Unless you are on a PvP server in which case it's a brave Horde player who ventures in to help Tarren Mill or Alliance player wanting to join in the Barrens.

      the best is when theres as demon punching you in the face and tan decides to instead target the all the pvp flagged players before finally getting the demon thats in your face

      Best thing to do is start a raid group as soon as you zone into contested territory. I always zone and hit the General Chat with "type 1 for invite", then the channel is flooded with other players wanting to group up. Its great because you can then give everyone assist to invite more and during phase 3 you can use a raid warning to tell people which boss to target for more shards.
      It makes everything so much easier just getting that group set up as soon as you zone in. And more often then not, people will stay in group to then go to the next invasion zone

      But Tarren Mill is Horde friendly..?

        Yeah but it's located in Alliance Central.

          Oh got ya, fair call :P But there's the Zepplin's to Undercity and it's got a FP from there so no real Alliance issue imo :P It's Dun Morogh & Westfall that i'd class as a Horde issue in Eastern Kingdoms lol.

            Dunno why but every time I go to Tarren Mill it's 90% Alliance. And they are mostly arseholes from Frostmorne more interested in ganking than doing the invasion.

            Last edited 17/08/16 5:57 pm

              Arseholes & Frostmourne go hand in hand.. It's a pretty common theme there.

              im alliance from frostmourne... :( i dont target horde players :(

                I'm sure there are fine folks like yourself out there but sadly they are few and far between.
                To be fair though I don't doubt if you went to The Crossroads you'd find plenty enough Barthilas horde players with itchy trigger fingers.

                  As an alliance on frostmourne, I always don't attack horde. I've had a few cheeky horde though get me when I'm tanking the boss in the invasions... Cheeky horde... The dude hits hard enough as it is :(

    It's been really awesome just seeing so many people in the one place again! I was having so much fun flying around The Barrens as part of this giant "Swarm" taking down the infernals together. Here's hoping Blizz do more events like this in the future more often rather than the "2x Apexes Crystals" or "Re-run old dungeons" styled weekly events they do now.

    I've been hoping for the barrier blocking horde and alliance to come down for some time - it sucks having a split population.

    Something will happen in the Legion story that ruins Horde and Alliance relations though because with Anduin in charge perhaps the biggest block to unification has been removed. Blizzard will do something to ruin it.

      I'd say that block to unification is probably called Jaina Proudmoore :P - even if the reasons for certain events in the scenario become clear to the alliance.

    I'm sad that the class changes got to the point I'm no longer willing to play the game. Some of the content looks fun, it's just a pity that I no longer enjoy actually playing :(

      why? i for one am glad of the class changes..

      Yes you have less buttons to press.. but so what.. skill bloat was real...

      Less buttons doesnt make me instant 3000 rated arena player either.

        *shrugs* Some of us liked our characters having a certain feel. Once it's gone they no longer feel like the same characters. Might as well play a different game at that point.

        And who cares about arena :P

          Well yeah thats true..i did feel the same abt hunters when they reduced the buttons pressed... It did feel different..

          Though the reduced buttons did make me like other classes though.. Win some lose some i guess

            Yeah pretty much. It's hard to explain the difference in feel. But my favourite classes just don't play the same. Different rotations, different movement, forcing choices (sacrifices) now to get an ability where it was baseline before.

            For me, Legion is a no-play. I'll keep an eye on WoW though to see what happens in 18 months with the next xpac.

    FYI the tech behind the invasions is the same as legion world quests - you can look forward to plenty more things like this in the expac!

      the same lvl scaling tech under pins the whole Legion expansion. upside is you can level in any zone at any time you want and the mobs will be equal to your level.

      downside is that the peaceful days of gathering resources because you're 5 lvls higher then the zone is gone. i'm so mixed about it lol

        Think it will be fine.. Instead of outlevelling.. You will outgear stuffs.. Those zones will be as easy as pie

    i like how they dont say aword about this when there trying to sell there product, you key things plays would love to know, so there more likly to buy the product, there marketing suck when comes to wow.

    The demon invasions are great.... plenty of horde to slaughter
    of course, if they all stopped RUNNING and fought together theyd probably slaughter our little group of 3

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