Our First Look At The Next DC Animated Movie, Justice League Dark

Our First Look At The Next DC Animated Movie, Justice League Dark

Video: Warner Bros. Animation’s latest DC movie might be under fire at the moment, but the next movie in line from the studio’s roster is finally going to give fans something they have wanted for a while, whether live-action or otherwise: Justice League Dark in action. And now, we have a first look. The footage hit the web in the wake of The Killing Joke‘s home release, including a trailer and a brief behind-the-scenes look at the film. Check it out below.

The featurette confirms, unsurprisingly, that the line-up of the main team in the film will feature John Constantine (who will indeed be voiced by Matt Ryan, who played Constantine in the short lived NBC live-action show), Black Orchid, Etrigan, Zatanna, Deadman and Swamp Thing.

The usual Justice League will also appear — Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern all make brief appearances in the footage above — as supporting characters, when the supernatural heroes are called in to handle mysteriously magical things going bump in the dark. Batman in particular will play a large role as the audience’s introduction to the world of DC’s magical characters, and a sceptical foil to the team.

Justice League Dark will release later this year.


  • While the last two animated Batman movies have been rubbish, the Justice League ones are always good, even if there isn’t a whole lot of Justice League in this one.

    • Worst part about those Batman movies is that they were based on really good comic story lines.

        • The real shame is that they didn’t kill him during batman vs robin. Would love some sweet sweet bat family vs Darkseid

          • I thought of “Son of Batman” and “BvR” were both really good but then “Bad Blood” was just, ehh … not that great. But I kind of like the idea of Damian Wayne being the new Robin, and Nightwing back in the picture, the two of them always at each other’s throats. But yeah, hopefully “JL: Dark” will be good.

    • They really have been, haven’t they. Even the alt world JLA movie was decent, if not great. This looks really cool. I’m so glad Matt Ryan is respected in that role, that he’s getting work and is the first port of call for it. I just can’t imagine anyone else picking up that mantle at the moment. Also, Jason O’mara has *really* grown on me with that voice for Batman!

    • I just rewatched the whole NBC run, I’m so sad that it ended prematurely. Hell, I even liked the Keanu movie.


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