Over 160,000 Discoveries Have Already Been Made In No Man’s Sky

Over 160,000 Discoveries Have Already Been Made In No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has a big universe. Not infinite exactly, but it’s still pretty damn big. Nonetheless, people have been busy exploring — so much so, that over 160,000 discoveries have already been made.

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, revealed in an Ask Me Anything on Reddit that the studio was considering making an account for a Twitter bot.

The bot would have precisely one job: to randomly publish the names of discoveries from No Man’s Sky, of which there are hundreds of thousands already.

“We’ve just been glued to the screen all day, watching names come in. Game isn’t out … but we had like 160k discoveries uploaded today,” Murray mused.

No Man’s Sky officially launches in Australia tomorrow for PS4 players, with PC explorers having to wait until August 12. Murray also confirmed in the AmA that those playing on PC would be on a separate server from their PS4 brethren, which could have added consequences when and if Hello Games decides to patch multiplayer into their space sandbox adventure.

Update: Amended the article to reflect 160,000 discoveries, not planetary bodies.


  • Better not be anything discovered in the area that i start in, if so im flying the fuck out of that area to find my own place to explore

    • ME too i am going to be pretty annoyed if i get somewhere and everything has already been discovered for certain things have been at least. I want to discover something.

    • I imagine the starting areas will be mostly empty for everyone because the galaxy is astronomically large (literally), and there may be some overlap as you approach the centre.

    • I would be interested to know what the probability of this is.
      Sure, 18 bajillion planets, but how many million players will they have day 1?
      I am also curious how long it will take before I encounter another players discoveries?
      Sorry, I like maths…

      • Someone did some wildly optimistic numbers. Assume 1 billion players have each already discovered 1000 planets so you’ve got 1 trillion discovered planets. Which he assumed was all within the middle 10% of the galaxy. You have a 1 in 18000 chance of each planet you visit being an already discovered planet (odds are you’d have to visit 18000 planets near the middle of the galaxy to find ONE that had been visited already)

        Then the odds shoot off into the stratosphere of actually being in the same place at the same time as someone else.

        TLDR: you’re more likely to win the lottery 2 weeks in a row – in the optimistic example. Which is why they labelled it “Singleplayer” even though it’s technically MMO.


  • one thing i loved in their twitch stream was when the game is loading it shows the movement thru the universe map and all the discovered star systems will actually have the names of the people who discovered them

    • Yeh, even if it is chill I can imagine tooling around on a planet would be kind of fun through to team efforts to take out space stations.

  • Got my copy in the mail yesterday, and had a quick go. I’m in the process of moving, so I probably won’t have internet for a while, so I’m not worried about things already being discovered.

  • So it’s available in 45 minutes if you bought from the US playstation store. I assume that there won’t be another server wipe after that, even if it is out in Aus tomorrow.

  • If the game is not out…. why not just do a wipe on release date… u know because that would be the fair thing to do for everyone who’s forking out money for this game to support the developers.

  • Are the PC and PS4 universes linked? I realise the game universe is big, but I plan I spending the next 500 millions years exploring it and don’t want to have too many things already discovered.

    • No.
      On odds of visiting previously discovered planet, see reddit link I posted above.
      You should be good for about half the remaining time until our sun burns out. Past that the odds are you might find something.

      • Yeah but creatures aren’t unique to each planet.

        So when you discover a 3 legged zebra rabbit, the name will belong to all of the other 3 legged zebra rabbits in the universe.

        You will absolutely find some creatures sooner or later already named by people, even if they aren’t anywhere near you. Otherwise the naming schemes wouldn’t matter globally 🙂

        It’s exciting to know other people will see my animal names.

  • Not comparing No Man’s Sky to Elite Dangerous in any way here, but I have observed the odds of
    people already claiming their planetary discoveries before you get there to be quite high provided everyone is dumped fairly close to each other but in a different system. I have traveled 10000ly back and forth from the human bubble in ED in several directions and it’s been months since I found a system that was truly undiscovered. I have 1 to my name, and that’s it.
    Hopefully they will scatter people a bit further away from each other in No Man’s Sky.

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