Overwatch And Blizzard Are Getting DDoS’d Right Now [UPDATE]

Overwatch And Blizzard Are Getting DDoS’d Right Now [UPDATE]
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If you’re having troubles trying to play Overwatch or any Blizzard games this morning, you’re not the only one.

The developer and publisher announced an hour ago that its servers were being hit with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), causing login issues for players and general misery for all involved.



Unsurprisingly, a hacking group has taken responsibility. This time it’s PoodleCorp.

PoodleCorp had previously promised to take down Pokemon GO’s servers, but the Leaked Source account claimed earlier this morning that the user data from their DDoS tool had been leaked:

If you’ve not used it before, Leaked Source is a site where you can check to see if your email has been compromised in a database breach. Have a search, and make sure to change your passwords more frequently. As for the Blizzard servers, for now everyone will just have to wait.

Update (12:18 PM): It looks like the DDoS attacks have come to a close, as per a post on Blizzard’s forums:

Alright guys! We’re continuing to monitor, but it seems like this incident is resolved. We’re going to lock this thread up, but we’ll create a new topic if a new incident begins. If you still have trouble logging in, check out our Connection & Latency article to recycle your connections and retry. If the issue persists, feel free to contact us via ticket or create a new topic.

The timing also matches up with one of the PoodleCorp members tweeting out that they were, at least for now, ceasing hostilities.

Update #2 (1:11 PM): One of Blizzard’s support staff posted that a second attack might have been incoming, but it turns out it was just a “service issue”:

The problems have been rectified, however, and users should be able to play Overwatch Rocket League (aka Lucioball) as per usual.


  • Response to the ban wave? The cheaters are really pathetic in their retaliation as well as unimaginative.

  • I guess they ended up getting in touch with that infamous Minecraft/Roblox hacker after all.

  • Bloody cheaters. Cant play the game by the rules. Then decide to destroy everyone else fun another way when they get caught out. That’s more than a little pathetic.

  • My internet has been balls (baaaad) lately so this is sort of a relief 🙂

    I couldn’t really Overwatch until they sent someone to fix it and now no-one can play! Looks like I won’t have to play catch up.

    Have to laugh at the cheating noobs, they thought it would be a slap on the wrist ho ho ho

  • Instead of a ban, Blizzard should of just logged all the users that are using exploits and slowly filter them into games that only cheaters play in and let the rest of us play like normal.

    • Put cheaters with cheaters and rage quitters with rage quitters. Everyone else plays a pleasant game.

    • Good idea in theory, but then someone has to pay for the servers.

      Or…no servers and they give host to the guy with the worst connection?

  • hue hue hue little kids got banned for using triggerbot and now DDoS the server.

    Good riddance. I’ve had enough of perfect shooting hanzo, widowmaker and tracer.

  • umm…steam had issues this morning, dota 2 had issues this morning. guild wars 1 server not accessible….doesnt sound like blizzard only….

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