Overwatch Glitch Makes D.Va Appear In Lucioball

Overwatch Glitch Makes D.Va Appear In Lucioball

Lucioball, a new limited-time Overwatch mode clearly inspired by Rocket League, is named such because, well, it’s an all-Lucio deal. Somehow, though, D.Va showed up in one guy’s game.

BlameTheController posted a video of his peculiar Lucioball match, and yep, that sure is D.Va on the field, complete with an arsenal that transforms her into a Lucioball all-star, despite the fact that — I cannot emphasise this enough — she isn’t named Lucio.

"WHAAAAT???" indeed.

Despite being seemingly immobilised for the whole match, D.Va ultimately picked up Play of the Game. Somehow.

As of now, nobody's quite sure how this glitch works, but apparently Widowmaker's also been spotted turning Lucioball into a significantly grimmer sport.

Some people have been asking if D.Va is OP after her buff. After seeing her tear up the Lucioball field by literally being in two places at once, is it really even a question any more? I mean, she's already a fictional eSports superstar. Is Blizzard gonna let her dominate at real fictional sports now too?


  • Havnt seen any of this fortunately but Lucio ball is fun, definite change of pace from shooting everything that moves. got a couple play of the days as well and I seem to be a pretty decent goal defense

  • We had a game last night with a Mei appearing and running around. She was not static at all. 20 seconds later everyone was booted from the game lol. I think thats when she decided to actually try attacking us rather than emoting the whole time, hell maybe the emote was bound to her attack buttons for some reason.

    • Apparently the game glitches when she uses her wall. It would be pretty funny to block the enemy goal with it though.

  • I’ve fought Ana and Pharah in Lucioball. Also spawned as Hanzo once. Killed the entire enemy team and even got 2 goals by shooting the ball at long range. Hilarious glitch this one.

  • I saw a clip of someone who was in there on Bastion, sitting mid field in turret form mowing down the enemy team.

    It got me thinking… Soccer should add mounted miniguns on the field for both teams, even if it’s just firing paintballs as to avoid the whole ‘death’ thing. I’d actually be interested in watching it then.

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