Overwatch Heroes Look Sharp In Their Street Clothes

What, you think Widowmaker buys bread and milk in that skinsuit? Korean artist YD has drawn these images of some of Overwatch's cast looking very cool on their days off, just hanging out, enjoying each other's company, maybe taking in a movie, maybe doing some shopping.


    These are so good, but there's no way Mei would ever hang out with Junkrat if she didn't have to.

    Don't play the game, don't know the lore behind it all, but I have trouble imagining Pharah wouldn't be more ripped than that under all that armour. I mean just look how swimmers usually look when they're all dressed up for awards shows or whatever.

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      You could argue that because she has all that (presumably powered) armour she doesn't rely on her own strength at all.

    Ugh what trash. Perfect chance for some shipping and this is what you get? I mean the arts great, except for pharah and ana because i hate those stupid playsuit things with a passion only equalled by people who wear socks with sandals.

    But but but but...
    Tracer needs that thing on her chest to live

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