Overwatch Player Meets Rad Enemy Team

Video: Overwatch player acutefatcat lost their whole team, so the other team decided to be cool about it. I've heard a few stories like this, and it warms my heart each time. Overwatch can be toxic sometimes, but it's fostered a uniquely rad community in some places. Here's the full clip:

And here's a pic of everybody posing together:



    We were playing in competitive and the other team rage quite so that only 2 people remained. We told them that we thought it was crap that their team abandoned them. Someone on the team asked for Mercy.
    "Mercy, you say?" We all went Mercy. 6 Mercy's against a reinhardt and reaper. We did win, but the two other players were glad that we were cool about it. We managed to turn a shitty situation, into at least an amusing one.

    Made a couple of friends doing the same. Whole team abandoned after we lost the first point on Anubis. I stuck around and just played it out being fodder. End of the match I was invited into a group with 4 of the winners and proceeded to win a couple of matches. They said I got given a raw deal and deserved a chance with a team that wasn't going to abandon me.

    For all the toxicity of competitive, there are some true heroes out there. Pun definitely intended.

    On the other hand its pretty annoying when everyone on the opposing team leaves except for one person, and they refuse to leave the game and make you play out a full best of 5 match.

      Because f**k those guys, right? I mean, the gall of some people! That they should even think about inconveniencing you! I bet they plan to have their whole team leave just to mess with you alone. Unbelievable.

        You sound like one of those people who would sit in a match 1 vs 6 just to spite the other team even though they had nothing to do with your whole team leaving. Unbelievable

          Hahaha... well, I'd definitely seriously consider it if you were on the opposing team. :D

          To be honest, I've yet to actually play competitive mode so while you might think I sound like the irritating douchebag you're imagining, you can be assured that I at least am not holding up your gameplay.

          My comment was mostly about the fact that while you might be inclined to look at this situation as a waste of your precious time and a potential personal slight, the guys in the video saw it for it what it was and decided to make the best of an unfortunate situation by giving the lone warrior the win; not only showing great character and sportsmanship, but also providing a quick resolution. That is why it's an exceptional play.

          I'm not saying there aren't trolls and douchebags out there who would purposely do what you're suggesting, but I'm almost positive that's not the overwhelming norm.

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