Overwatch’s New Rocket League Mode Is A Very Good Time

Overwatch’s New Rocket League Mode Is A Very Good Time

Today Overwatch got a new game mode called Lucioball. And by “new game mode” I mean that Blizzard has basically turned Overwatch into Rocket League. Do you know what’s pretty fun? An Overwatch version of Rocket League. Lucioball is a new 3v3 mode that’s currently serving as the weekly brawl. It’s part of an Overwatch event that’s running through August 22, tied to the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. It’s basically a soccer game where you try to bounce around a massive soccer ball and get it into the opposing team’s goal. If you’ve played Rocket League… look, it’s just Rocket League, but with Lucio instead of cars.

I captured a video of a match:

Lucioball is very fun. I’m not sure about high-level strategy or whether it’s actually as good as Rocket League or anything like that, but as a goofy bonus game mode? Excellent.

If you have Overwatch… why are you reading this? Go play some Lucioball. Then say “Lucioball” ten times fast.

Overwatch’s New Rocket League Mode Is A Very Good TimePictured: legendary comedian Lucio Ball

Pictured: legendary comedian Lucio Ball


    • Definitely. Normal speed would’ve been fine, not sure why they felt the need to slow it right down. Even the speed boost feels underwhelming.

  • It’s actually like a worse version of Rocket League in every way. The ball moves in unpredictable, janky ways, and i’m not sure how or why they’d think to rip off a better more original game in every way so blatantly. Did they ever say it was an homage to Rocket League officially or are they just pitching it like it’s their own idea?

    • Even down to the inexplicably exploding ball when you get a goal. It’s almost China levels of ripoff.

  • Had about 3 games, that was enough for me… I just sit back and think, what if the developers just put their time into making a new map/mode/character instead of this.

  • I enjoy it. It’s not as difficult or as good as rocket league but it’s still a lot of fun. The only issue I have is the unpredictability of the ball bounce and what seems to be latency issues. Even with a ping of 20ms sometimes I’ll hit the ball and it’ll pass straight through me then on the replay I am no where near the ball or I hit well after the ball passed me.

    Playing with a good team is fun. Many just run straight toward the ball but others set up a strategy to set up crosses. That Ultimate is a bit OP though. When you learn the trick with it scoring a goal isn’t difficult if it’s up.

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