PlayStation 4.5, AKA Neo, Will Be Announced Next Month

PlayStation 4.5, AKA Neo, Will Be Announced Next Month

Sony just sent out invitations to an event called the PlayStation Meeting, at 3pm Eastern on September 7. The company will finally reveal their upgraded PlayStation 4 model — which Kotaku broke news of earlier this year — there. Looking forward to it!


    The start of Playstation's decline.

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    Pretty keen to hear more, I’ve been putting off buying a PS4 since rumours broke that they were making a 4.5.

    It’ll need to offer more than just better VR support to be a must buy for me. I’m yet to use a PS VR kit, but I’m not sold that it’ll be something I’ll care about for more than a month.
    Until they can fix the assortment of pretty obvious problems with the tech I’m guessing it’ll be an impressive gimmick.

      I’m not sold that it’ll be something I’ll care about for more than a month.

      This was exactly my thinking when i was just about to buy an Oculus Rift DK2,

      I am holding off buying a PS4 for this reason too, which is becoming increasingly difficulty with some of the deals. I just keep reminding myself that I am already way too busy wit the Xbox One.

      I bought an Oculus CV1, and am a little disappointed with the so called "God Rays", so much so I wish I had my DK2 still. I've not tried PSVR, but I've heard good things about them using "clean" lenses. So, I'm in.

    It's also looking likely we'll get some NX news in Sept also according to some supposed leaks. We'll see I guess.

    If the all but confirmed specs for the PS4K are indeed true, the Scorpio should be the better performing console graphically, which will be a complete reversal of this generation so far. But obviously it takes much more than power for a console to succeed.

      Yeah, and also MS was talking about a target spec, not a dev kit that they currently possess, or even exists. Felt like corporate speak to fill their conference with something exciting. All the while Sony says they don't have the content to make the Dev Kit they already have shine, therefore are not ready to announce anything.

      A year later, what's available to them won't change that much and they still have hurdles they haven't even encountered yet before they try to hit that goal within a console price/power envelope and remain reliable.

    I'm still pretty pissed off about this. It will split the user base and ostracise anyone who forked out 500+ dollars for a piece of hardware which will be obsolete less than 3 years into a console cycle.

    Both Sony and Microsoft need to compensate the current user base with a buy back scheme or discount. Treating your customers like assholes is not cool.

      Compensation, for what?

      Split the userbase? $500+?

      What have you been smoking?

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