Podcast: Day One Patches Aren’t A Bad Thing

Podcast: Day One Patches Aren’t A Bad Thing

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, we dig into the No Man’s Sky launch drama and talk about why day-one patches happen. Also: Some talk about Overwatch.

It’s interesting how the digital landscape has changed over the past few years, isn’t it? The ease of the PS4 and Xbox One’s internet connectivity, combined with the ubiquity of downloadable games and online games like Destiny, have gotten us accustomed to the idea that video games are meant to be played with an internet connection. It makes you wonder what the landscape would look like if Microsoft hadn’t so badly bungled their marketing for the potentially online-only Xbox One.

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  • I played the game for six hours before I went online and got the patch. The best thing about the patch is two save points. I died after playing for four hours. Pre-patch there was one restore point, so if you died you had no way out – I lost 3 atlas stones and other shit because I died in space and it was stored in my ship. Definitely better post patch – except a couple of UI bits you could click instead of having to hold

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