Pokemon GO Fans Livestream Their Legendary Pokemon

Earlier this morning we wrote about two Pokemon GO fans who claimed they had finally captured something magical: the mythical, legendary flying Articuno.

Now it could all be fake, a glitch, or something in between. But in the interim, the trainers have streamed some footage of the Pokemon, as well as an email from Niantic.

In the livestream, the Coneys start by showing off Articuno, its moves, as well as an alleged email from Niantic gifting them the Pokemon.

Watch live video from EndersGW on www.twitch.tv

It's difficult to take it all without a mountain of salt. Pokemon GO fever is rampant enough that people are likely to try all sorts of things, from visual hacks to exploits, just to get a legendary Pokemon in their posse. It could also be one of the game's many, many bugs yet to be ironed out. Nobody knows.

But in the meantime, Articuno. I'd rather have a Zapdos (Team Instinct represent, after all), but each to their own.


    Not sure I want to waste 24 minutes watching that, however as the game 'matures' I'd be down with gifted Pokemon under certain conditions. Not everybody is able to get into NSW for the high-spawn rates of rare characters. It's full of people from NSW for a start.

    I watched a few minutes and scrubbed back and forth to get the jist...

    So some guy claims he transferred a high level Pidgeot... And they gave him an Articuno?!
    I'm gonna go transfer my 1300 CP pidgeot and Email Niantic right now... What's to lose?! A fucking Pidgeot? lol

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