Pokemon GO Has Made Niantic More Than $210 Million In A Month

Everyone knows that Pokemon GO is popular. And everyone knows that Pokemon GO makes money. But analytics firm Sensor Tower has now published new data showcasing precisely how much money makes. Surprise: bucketloads.

According to Sensor Tower, Pokemon GO has put more than $210,889,825 million ($US160 million) for Niantic since the day it was released. It’s still got a few days to go before hitting the 30 day mark as well, and the game still hasn’t been released in plenty of countries.

It’d be fascinating to get a country-by-country breakdown of those figures, just to see how much Pokemon GO raised in that first day or two when Australians were making up the bulk of users. Those aren’t available, sadly.

The closest we have is some charts from App Annie about the time-aligned daily revenue for all games on iOS and Android without the Pokemon factor. Pokemon actually resulted in Australians spending slightly more money the first few days after it was out, but that quickly declined to regular levels.

Of course, that could be about to change significantly. Niantic’s latest updates have been deeply unpopular, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see commuters start to abandon the game in droves. It might make it easier to manage for the developers, but I doubt that’ll be appreciated by the hordes of trainers out there.

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