Pokemon GO's Leaders Are Actually Useful Now

Image: Jackaloupe

In an update posted to the official Facebook page, Niantic has announced a patch that will make the team leaders in Pokemon GO actually somewhat useful.

The patch, which brings the game up to version 1.5.0 for iOS and 0.35.0 for Android users, doesn't do a great deal to dent the wishlist of features that Pokemon GO trainers have been dying for. But apart from some minor bot fixes, it does add one particularly helpful feature: the ability to get advice from your Team Leaders.

According to the Facebook post, Team Leaders will now be able to tell players about the attack and defence abilities of a Pokemon. It's pretty much an advisory on which Pokemon are best for raiding and holding gyms, although it's worth noting the patch wasn't live at the time of writing.

What features do you want to see Niantic add next?


    It tickles me that that logo image with the error in it still seems to get used everywhere.

      What's the error?

        The shape behind Articuno is supposed to be a hexagon, but if you follow the edge on the lower left side you can see the angle doesn't line up and there's an extra set of corners in there. It seems like someone did a piece of fan artwork but nobody noticed the problem, and now it's propagated through so many other artworks and even actual products people are making. Hilariously, even a couple of people's tattoos going by a cursory image search :P

        You can see the correct shape in some of the official artwork. Though I also think it's kind of strange with this image that only Articuno has its associated shape, while the other two are missing theirs.

          It's not supposed to be a perfect hexagon, but yeah that second line should be at the same downward angle to form the "point" of the shape.


            Huh. I embedded the link for that image from twitter, but apparently it got removed or something and I didn't notice afterwards. Cheers.

            Irregular hexagons are still hexagons :P

              Irregular hexagons are still hexagons :P

              :o.... :| (I can't find the image I'm thinking of)

              You're right.

      I know right? And considering neither Zapdos or Moltres have their corresponding shapes behind them, it feels like the demented shield was left there on purpose to troll.

      Last edited 23/08/16 12:47 pm

    The trainers telling you about your attack and defence values is literally them saying "This pokemon is good to attack gyms". There's nothing about specific IVs there.

    Minor bot fixes

    I suppose that makes a change from the regular minor bug fixes.

    Inb4 Spark just tells you which Pokemon will dab the best.

    Just updated, and used the appraise feature on my 10HP Caterpie. I was told "its HP is it strongest feature, Its tats indicate that in battle, it'll get the job done."?
    Now off the battle with my Caterpie and Magikarp!

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