Pokemon GO’s Domination Of The World In One Infographic

Pokemon GO’s Domination Of The World In One Infographic
Image: Bargain Fox

Originally I had “mobile gaming” instead of “the world” in the headline, but realised Niantic’s augmented reality game has busted well and truly free of its humble silicon confines. No, it’s pretty much a global phenomenon at this stage. But how much so? Two brave souls have attempted to quantify Pokemon GO‘s effect on the planet.

True, it’s 7749 pixels tall so “condensed” might be a misnomer, but if anything that sounds woefully insufficient.

It’s packed full of fascinating tidbits, from the 382 per cent jump in Pokemon theme song requests on Spotify during its first weekend of release, to the fact that search engine requests for “pokemon” outpaced porn for five days post-launch. But porn always claws back. Always.

Here’s the full image for your viewing pleasure. Rather than compress the crap out of it as a JPEG, I’ve re-encoded it as an 8-bit PNG. There’s a small loss in colour quality, but everything’s a lot crisper and it’s only a little over 500KB in size.

The Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide and News [Bargain Fox]


  • How do the numbers compared when its plotted against an increasing (inflatory) trend…everytime we have a “next great mobile game” come along. The numbers of downloads and revenue are usually greater than the last “next great mobile game”.

    and also, to think that most likely in less than one year, we would have all moved on to the next big mobile game…

      • Well, when Farmville first popped up (albeit on facebook)…it was the greatest gaming phenomenon that changed the gaming landscape entirely…then angry birds, and candy crush and Clash of clans in some order which I forget. Each accomplish something in the market that, at the time, we thought was amazing and which, after 12 months, we see eclipsed.

        I’m not saying Pokemon Go didn’t achieve something great. It is an absolute phenomenon and a great success…I was just interested in an analysis referenced to expected increase in the mobile gaming market. Did Pokemon go achieve more than we expect for a market leading title? or did it perform as expected in a rapidly growing market?

        We see similar trends in the console market, we see titles that seemingly sell better than ever before year after year, but we don’t actually reference it to the growing number of consoles. Our baseline is always static…

        • Of the aforementioned games, Fallout Shelter is the only one I played. I think Pokemon Go and Fallout Shelter attracted gamers who don’t normally play on mobile, hence the massive popularity over some other mobile games – though a comparison would be best to prove it.

          And I bought two power banks

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