Pokemon GO Stampedes In Taiwan 

Pokemon GO Stampedes In Taiwan 

Damn. This is not scene from a disaster movie. These are apparently Pokemon Go players in Taiwan.

[Image via Eastern Broadcasting Company]

The above and below images come via Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Company. They are incredible.

(Image via Eastern Broadcasting Company)

[Image via Eastern Broadcasting Company]

As startling as they are, wait until you see one of these stampedes in motion.

As Time and That’s Mag points out, the above clip, which hasn’t been verified, originally appeared on Facebook this past Saturday. It supposedly shows players running to catch Snorlax in Taiwan’s Xinbeitou district. According to Taiwanese media, the area has been packed with “thousands” of Pokemon Go players.

Below are more clips of players in Taiwan playing Pokemon Go:


  • If there was ever a video that would show how we’re all just sheep following a herd…this is it.

    • But the shepherds hate Pokemon GO so much.

      A game that gets millions of people outside, gathering together for positive reasons, where age, race, gender and religion aren’t a factor.
      Plus these millions of people need to save their battery for the hunt, so they don’t go on the internet to read the “news”

      • I was more commenting about the massive numbers who flocked to the game but had no prior interest in Pokemon. Popularity causes things to get more popular as everyone jumps on it because that’s what others are doing.

        Just brings it into contrast seeing thousands of people running after a rare pokemon, how many of them had even heard of a Snorlax prior to pokemon go?

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