Pokemon Sun And Moon Is Getting A Bracelet Peripheral

Pokemon Sun And Moon Is Getting A Bracelet Peripheral

It’s called the Z Ring, and it’s supposed to be worn while playing Sun and Moon. [Image: Takara Tomy]

Japanese toy-maker Takara Tomy is releasing the kiddy-friendly peripheral. Children wear the bracelet, which blinks, makes noise and vibrates when characters do in-game Z-moves that can be unleashed only once per battle.

(Image: Takara Tomy)

[Image: Takara Tomy]

There are 18 different Z Ring crystals kids can collect, and they all seem to correspond to a different Z-move.

(Image: Takara Tomy)

[Image: Takara Tomy]

The Z Ring is priced at 2600 yen ($33) and comes with one Z Crystal. Each set of Z Crystals is 599 yen ($7) and comes with three different crystals. There is a special bundle that includes the Z Ring and six Z Crystals for 4490 yen ($58).

(Image: Takara Tomy)

[Image: Takara Tomy]

This seems like it’s taking a page from Yokai Watch’s business playbook, but will likely be the hot toy will it launches in Japan on November 18 when Sun and Moon are released. Sun and Moon’s international site also lists the Z Ring, so expect a worldwide release.


  • Z Ring and it’s a bracelet.

    I knew Nintendo were idiots but I didn’t know they were actual retards.

  • Aren’t most pkmn players adults now…??
    I have serious doubts whether this would fit on my man wrist, which doesn’t really matter since it looks tacky AF and I’ve never wear something so hideous.

    • I’ve got something it can fit around. Hur, hur, hur.

      Which doubles up as a good hiding spot, cause I ain’t wearing that in public.

  • EB games has emailed me saying they will be stocking them.

    $38 for the ring and $10 for the crystals (pack of 3 i believe) 3 different packs.

  • Meh, maybe it’ll be better than the Pokewalker they released alongside the Gold and Silver Gen 4 release

    • Definitely not, the bracelet is a ripoff. They should just re release the pokèwalker for Pokémon Sun and Moon, maybe in color this time.

  • Because after mega-evolutions the game definitely needed another one-time during battle mechanic, it’s nice to know it’s just for a gimmick toy cash-in. This is getting to Kamen Rider levels of toy cash-in effecting the show.

  • From a marketing & branding point of view, this is an incredibly smart things for Nintendo to do.

    It helps get kids into it with a semi-emmersive experience which can also be used as a playground status symbol. It has function within the game, so it encourages kids to go out to buy all the diamonds & maybe even trade them with other kids if the diamonds come in randomised packets. It can probably be extended to act as a pseudo-NFC device, so things be be added to it later with updates to the game (such as making cards similar to the Animal Crossing ones that make kids collect them to get in game bonuses).

    Plus no matter how much “adult” players will complain, they’ll probably still buy them for the collecting factor alone.

  • Does anyone know how it will interface with the 3DS? I wonder what the battery life will be like.
    Pokéwalker = ∞

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