No Man’s Sky PC Release Delayed Until August 12

No Man’s Sky PC Release Delayed Until August 12

Rather than releasing on Tuesday in the US, the PC release of No Man’s Sky is now set for a global launch on Friday, August 12. Hello Games’ Sean Murray announced the date via Twitter a few hours ago, adding “It’s so important we get it right and make the best version we can.”

Here’s the tweet in question from the studio’s managing director, announcing the pushed date:

A later reply suggests the developer wants to add ultra-wide monitor support for day one and is willing to hold up the release to get it in there:

I imagine Hello Games is adding and tweaking a few other bits and pieces. Let’s just hope this short delay doesn’t result in more death threats.

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  • Dev says on Twitter “We’ve spent years filling No Man’s Sky with surprises. You’ve spent years waiting. Please don’t spoil it for yourself :(”
    Dev takes down streams and videos of leaked copies, then releases it three days earlier on one platform. How the hell are PC players going to avoid spoilers now?

    I guess I’ll have to give up the entire freaking internet for three days now so *I* don’t spoil it for *MYSELF*.

    Dick move hello games, total dick move.

    • Too many console ports are hitting PC these days full of bugs and rightfully end up on the receiving end of negative reviews and press because of it. If they need an extra 3 days to ensure a quality release, so be it. Rushing an unready game to market is the real dick move.

      • Happy to wait for a quality release, not happy that I’m gonna have to work harder than a creationist doing a biology degree to avoid spoilers. Totally unreasonable to expect media sites not to post coverage of the PS4 release because everyone is interested.

        Maybe I should just refund my PC copy and buy a PS4. Havent had a console since PS2…

          • More making fun of the developers making a big deal about spoilers, then undermining their own opinion the next day. Also threw in hyperbole for comedic effect and a little piss take of the devout. Which just turned it into whacko.

            Cant avoid spoilers so easy when headlines are like “Streamer finds center in 30 hours”

          • The sense of entitlement is just…wow

            Probably one of the people who sent death threats when it was reportedly delayed earlier in the year too.

        • I kinda hope I am missing the joke here, but if not, avoiding spoilers form NMS is pretty easy.
          How is it different to once you have the game anyway? It is not like you are going to complete it the day you get it.

        • Mate, this isn’t Game of Thrones. You aren’t going to learn that the flying crocodile from the planet Escorr 12 is in fact the illegitimate second cousin of the king.

          As it stands, one year since Tomb Raider released, I know there is snow, that’s it.
          I avoided spoilers by……not looking at spoilers.
          (Risky, I know, but it somehow worked)

      • 3 day delay is nothing but shipping problems probably or something else, u aint fixing stuff in 3 days lol. That delay is not game related …..

    • yeah your totally right, instead they should just release it broken. yep totally, good call mate. that definitely the thing they should have done. not to mention obviously the only reason they are doing it is because they want that extra hate and love being called dicks because who doesnt… oh wait my mistake IT’s JUST A GAME!

    • As weird as it seems….

      I miss death threats, my current work is so boring in that aspect.

  • damn the reddit sub is blowing up, its sonys fault/hello are money grubbing bastards/ everyone is a bunch of liars etc etc it really is quote entertaining, i can understand being upset but it is what it is

    • what practice? with holding a game until they think it is in the best possible shape? yeah who would want to support that.

      • a rushed release… no where near ready

        diddntyougetthememo or were you just a sheep with a preorder

        • playing it happily on PS4, two crashes since launched. All things considered not bad launch. The PC version a bit more shaky but hardly unexpected. Some times you just have to let a game go and launch, and fight the issues with the information gathered. Hardly ideal but what is expected when you are buying into a game made by 13 people? Perfection? 13 people in my work place can barely turn up to a meeting on time and together, I dont expect much more from a game made by that many.

          • I have seen what ten people can really do in development…. NMS pales in comparison… 2GB?? haha what a joke really it was made for PS4 but really should be a proper engine on PC not a sellout to publishers

  • Does anyone know what’s going on with the steam release date? It’s showing the 13th for me.

  • According to Steam, No Man’s Sky is coming on the 13th of August, not the 12th like every where else.

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