Rick & Morty Co-Creator Announces VR Game Studio With Comic Strip

Rick & Morty co-creator (and co-voicer) Justin Roiland has teamed up with former Epic Games producer Tanya Watson to create Squanchtendo, a virtual reality studio focused on something something. Comics are fun! Look at those comics!

Roiland is a man who loves video games and often belches into a microphone. Watson has worked on games like Gears of War, BulletStorm and Fortnite. Together they'd like to make funny, imaginative, story-driven VR experiences.

Look at this logo!

Better yet, look at this comic.

Squanchtendo is currently looking for people to do things, via its official website, home of even more silly drawings.


    Couldn't read this without Morty's squeaky voice in my head

    "Squanchtendo, send me free stuff!"

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