Roadhog Vs. Roadhog Is The Most Savage Overwatch Match-Up

Roadhog Vs. Roadhog Is The Most Savage Overwatch Match-Up

Who’s the ultimate Roadhog? Whose death hook is quicker to clamp, a surer vice of animal ferocity around the entrails of enemies? In a tug-of-war of barbed hooks and scrap metal dominance, I’ve decided that it’s me, and not that other Roadhog on the enemy team.

From an Overwatch Street Fighter mod

It is definitely not that Roadhog. I am in fact emoting on his discarded corpse and making guttural roaring noises in my desk chair (with voice chat on push-to-talk). And when he respawns and dares to hook me again, I will continue to win hook battle after hook battle, forever.

Scrap blast. Hook. Punch. Scrap blast. I am the alpha Roadhog. (Disclaimer: I am, quantifiably, not “the” alpha Roadhog.)

Probably, it is impossible for me to play Roadhog and not pursue another Roadhog on sight. Most of the time, that other Roadhog drops everything and hunts me down, too, lumbering over with his hook readied, a stupid grin plastered on his porcine face (he’s wearing a mask — let me have this). “One of us will die now,” I say, to no one in particular, “and it will be beta-Roadhog, who, clearly, is that guy over there and not me.” Hook, line and sinker.

The rush. The split-second of uncertainty, the high of savage impulse and sudden death! Hook battles are what make Roadhog vs. Roadhog unlike any other one-on-one Overwatch match-up.


  • In Roadhog vs Roadhog engagements, it has been alarmingly consistently in my experience that whoever uses their hook first is more likely to end up dead.

    • Definitely – hooking the other guy means you’re wasting the stun component of the ability while he’s being dragged over. Then, you shoot each other in the face, but then the one that got pulled over uses their hook and, since you’re already face-to-face, can get off another free blast while you’re stunned.

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