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Friday's leftover was finally cracked — it was Slipstream 5000 and the scantily-clad Kin & Gin sisters. I always gave Slipstream 5000 more credit than it deserved; Hi-Octane really was the far superior racer that year.

Anyway. A new day, a new ScribbleTaku. Let's get on it.

I'm curious to see how this one goes. And by that I mean I hope this one lasts longer than ten minutes.

It probably won't. But fingers crossed. Good luck!

(Also, sorry this didn't pop up at the usual time — I don't know what happened. But it's back now!)


    This is really familiar... I'll kick myself when it's revealed.
    Edit: Privateer 2?
    Edit 2: Shadowrun snes??
    Edit 3: totes Dreamweb

    Last edited 02/08/16 2:24 pm

      iz Dreamweb

        It is! Nice pick.

        I'm wondering whether I'm making these too easy.

          I'd be surprised if more than a handful of Kotaku readers even knew about Dreamweb. Top game btw, kleptomaniacs delight.

          I think the problem was including text. Funnily enough, Googling 'list "newsnet" text adventure' returns several Dreamweb hits, despite it not being a text adventure...

          Doesn't matter how you yourself set the difficulty of your scribbles, Alex.

          We have ScribbleTaku gods on our end (not one myself) and they are the ones who decide if the answers come quickly or it is left to the collective knowledge of use mere mortals.



              No no no, you mis-understand me.

              You don't accept a challenge, they decide how long your Scribbles last.

              Like @markserrels before you, you are just a chess piece on their board.


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