Image: Kotaku

You're a formidable force, you lot. Let's see if I can confound you a little with this one.

Apologies for the slight bluriness on this one, although the details are fairly simple so it shouldn't be too difficult. The items are four leaf clovers — I don't want to give a hint straight away, but I don't want to be unfair and have people confused by my crappy drawing either.

Anyway, we'll see how this goes. I think it might hold up for a bit. Or it could get knocked off immediately. Let's see.


    Little Big Adventure

      *sob* yup

        Pipped again! What's your email addy so we can send you pics?

          [email protected]

          I had some crackers a couple of weeks ago that hung around. But yeah, if anyone has anything they'd like to send in please do!

            We're not giving you a hard time, it's just nice to at least draw something so I can be a part of it because I never know the game!!!

    Well that lasted all of 7 minutes.

    Might be time to go back to Haitaku?

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