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It lasted almost until 10:00 PM, but WarConsigliere finally triumphed by picking Friday's scribble as M.U.D.S.. If you didn't play it, M.U.D.S. was basically a fantasy-esque version of rugby — probably more rugby union than the other codes. It was brutal, you had to sometimes swim across a shark-infested channel to score, and it was absolutely tops. Well worth a play if you can find it.

Anyway, new week, new ScribbleTaku. Let's go.

I'm not a tyrant, so let's start off the week with something ... not too unreasonable. I don't expect this to last longer than an hour, but we'll see.

Good luck! And don't forget, if you want to have your own scribbles featured just email me.


    Some kind of a Star Trek games that I definitely have not played or care to play

    Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass ... or something like that.

    hrm, i'm getting a scrolling shooter vibe. Mebbe Silkworm or one of its sequels?

    Call of Duty? the targeting reticle?
    or World of Warships?

    I think this might actually be from a movie, not a game, this time.

    Ghost in the Shell by any chance?

    Makes me think of Crysis for some reason.

    Terminal Velocity?

      Well done! I thought it was almost going to last a second day, too.

        Woo! It was bugging me all afternoon. I thought I recognised it.

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