Hey remember me? Yeah thought not.

I am back with a one-off ScribbleTaku because Alex is doing something. I'm not sure what, but he's typing really quickly.

Yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Diablo. Well done to camboss123 for guessing!

Good luck everyone!


    Mate. YOU decided to leave. We had to get over things and move on. Don't make it harder by popping back into our lives every second day. We need time to heal. Plus Alex treats us better anyway.

    Megaman or some shit I dunno....

    .....Mark, putting up the floor plan of your office is cheating.

    Are we allowed multiple guesses? I'm tossing up between frozen synapse or maybe spycraft: the great game

      You're allowed to do whatever you want. We make our own rules round here!

        Excellent! Wonder what the character limit is for a post...

    Biker Mice from Mars! Also, this looks eerily similar to State of Decay however it doesn't fully match up (

    Rambo III

    And just how are we ever supposed to get over you if we continually run into you every other day Mark???
    This isn't just coincidence, just admit you love us and we'll all be able to move on.

    Just when we'd all gotten over the break up ;__; WHY YOU DO DIS MARKKK?

    It really reminds me of something like Wasteland or Fountain of Dreams.

    Mission Impossible (NES)

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