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So we started off the week fairly easy. As almost everyone picked in about five seconds, yesterday's ScribbleTaku was from Frontier: Elite. I figured it was apt, with all the flying around space and stuff.

But you can't have things too easy. So let's take things up a notch.

This one was a little tougher to draw, but I've done some cross-checking and I think people should be able to at least recognise what the drawing is. The game, hopefully not so much.

Good luck everyone! And if you want to have your own puzzles featured on ScribbleTaku, feel free to email them in.



    also, Are you my mummy?

    Last edited 16/08/16 12:19 pm

    Sabre Team? Looks a bit like the box art, at least!

    R6Siege - Thatcher, baybeeee

    Is it Corroder from Clock Tower 3? (That game scared the crap out of me as a kid..)

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