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I'm not having much luck this week. You lot are destroying the living snot out of me. Yesterday? 13 minutes. That's how long it took Casual Prolix to correctly determine my badly drawn rendition of the steering wheel from Quarantine: Road Warrior, one of the 90's more gratuitous games.

Those cars handled like a tank, too. Anyway, new day. Last of the working week. Last opportunity to stump you all. Let's go.

This one should be tough. I can't imagine more than a couple of people being able to recognise this immediately. I've got my hopes up. Also, the drawing isn't the best in the world I've done. Sorry about that, but you should get the general idea.

Which is probably a bad idea, because you lot are exceptional when it comes to guessing my scribbles. But we'll see.

Best of luck everyone! And don't forget, if you want your scribbles featured just email them in.


    All I can see if the dude from Darwinia

      That's exactly what I'm seeing

        It's not Darwinia -- I just did a real dodgy job on the cross there. What you're looking at is a church, if that helps.

    Small hint for today -- you're all thinking way too modern. Go more retro.

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