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It took Mageslain almost an hour, but they were the first to correctly pick yesterday's Scribbletaku as Incubation. If you never played it, Incubation was a neat turn-based strategy channelling a touch of XCOM from the late 90's.

Nearly an hour isn't a bad way to start the week. Let's see how we go today.

Sneaking suspicion this will either last for ages or five seconds. Not sure which. Fingers crossed.

And don't forget, you can always email in your own scribbles if you're sick of mine. Draw on a post-it or a pad! It's fun.


    Winter Games

      Yeah, that was my first reaction, too. Looks like the shooting target in the biathlon event.

      Why the hell can I never remember anything important, but it took me about 1 second to recall this kind of detail from a game I haven't played for about 30 years?!?

        Yeah knew it the second I saw it but alas was too slow.
        (Down, Up.. Fire!)

        Last edited 23/08/16 12:59 pm

    It's making me think of a drag racing game, pretty sure it's not.

      Sure made me think of drag racing games. Could well be, or some kind of racing game.
      Something like Hot Rod perhaps? That was a cool game!

        Yeah I just couldn't think of one that was side on. Most of them were from the rear with the 5 lights top to bottom.

          Yeah. that's the traditional layout for drag start lights. I'd say some kind of F1 game, but usually they have the lights hanging from above, rather than on a stand

    .....Flash attachment for the old school Polaroids?

    Kind of looks like the wanted level system icons from No Man's sky, but it doesn't have the stand thingy

    No doubt someone has already got it, but I'll offer up Stunts.

    "turn-based strategy channelling a touch of XCOM" -- happy to have been on the right path :)

    And yeah, definitely a winter games biathlon vibe to this one.

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