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Nobody picked up yesterday's ScribbleTaku, so as per usual conventions it's back for another run. And to help you all out a bit, I'll provide a hint as well.

Some people looked at the arrow underneath and assumed it was a point-and-click adventure, or thought the picture of a truck meant it was a Truck Simulator. You'll want to head more in the direction of welbot, who suggested the Tonka games (which wasn't right, but it's the right line of thinking).

I have faith in you all! Good luck!


    Firefighters. And yesterday I thought the picture looked more like a stove top! Got to stop taking acid at lunch!

      I now want to see what kind of stove would have 51 written on it.

        One that probably just missed out on Time's "50 Best Stoves of All Time Ranked" list.

        Old camp stove did according to google.

        Perhaps that is what the aliens use at Area 51.

        Last edited 25/08/16 12:33 pm

    Did lego do a city video game with fire fighting in it?

    I once knew a hooked with the nickname Tonka.

    Named because she had massive bewbs.

      You're really not having much luck with auto-correct today.

        Yeah, it's ducking killing me

      lol my parents used to have a dog named Tonka!

    Hot Wheels. Commodore 64 era?

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