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I'm a little surprised nobody got the last ScribbleTaku — it managed to survive for two whole days, which hasn't happened for a while. Anyway, it was almost one half of a background screen from Kids Tetris — with the theme being that Time this week had once again nominated the game as the best, or most important, video game of all time.

OK, maybe that was a bit of a far reach. Fortunately, today's ScribbleTaku doesn't come from my addled brain.

This one comes from Kotaku's compatriot at Fairfax, Tim Biggs. I don't think we've featured a ScribbleTaku on an angle in a while.

Be interesting to see how you all go with this one, especially given some of the guesses the last couple of days.

Good luck everyone! And don't forget, if you want your own scribbles featured just email them in. I can't offer you a prize or anything, but I'm told I'm very nice over email.


    Probably not in the ball park (maybe not even the same country) but Splatoon.

    Sorry y'all. Rayman 1:

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