It took just over an hour, but snowee was the first to pick yesterday's floating head as Neuromancer. Not the novel, but the 1990 interactive adventure based on the classic Willam Gibson novel. Fun game, if you could deal with the frustrations around specific operators.

Today's a new scribble, and it's another interoffice special. Let's see how you go.

This one comes courtesy from our resident commercial editor Tegan, who also drew Penguin Land earlier in the week. Hopefully Batguy doesn't nail this in 60 seconds or less, though.

Good luck everyone! And if you want to have your own scribbles featured at any point, just email them in via this link. Anyone can play. It's good fun.


    I want to say Ice Climber, but I'm positive it isn't.

    This looks like a crappy dos game i remember, Pack Rat

    Castle of Illusion!!

      ...with Mickey removed for added cheatery ;)

        You two are on the same wavelength or something, holy hell.

          Master system games are from my formative years. The imagery is basically burnt into my brain.

      The first one these I've known straight away and I'm only one hour and 38 minutes late to the party.

      The wobbly letter "A" is a dead give away for me lol. Grats sir!

    Castle of Illusion?

      Seconds. Mere seconds between winning, and being a footnote in history...

    Trolls on DOS!

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