Sesame Street Fighter Is Today’s Best Time Waster

Sesame Street Fighter Is Today’s Best Time Waster
Image: Kotaku
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If you’re desperately looking for any reason to waste time at work today that doesn’t involve watching the Olympics, then let me introduce you to Sesame Street Fighter. It’s Street Fighter in your browser, but with Sesame Street characters, Russian cities and German scientists. No, really.

This glorious time-killing mashup is the creation of Flavour Machine, which has a penchant for mashing various bits of pop culture into your browser. They’ve previously created the Psychotic Writer, which creates entire involves using only the phrase “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, a Breaking Bad spin-off of Cooking Mama, and a 8-bit version of Fruit Ninja that uses the arrow keys.

But none of those are remotely as awesome as ripped-as-fuck Cookie Monster taking on Elmo as the Dictator, or a Ryu-themed version of Bert.

What’s amazing is that the game is actually a functional tool for learning. The fighting plays out like Typing of the Dead: to attack, simply type out the word presented above your character. The difficulty of the words depends on the character you choose. If you go for E.Honda Cookie Monster, you’ll be typing about animals. Pick Elmo, however, and you’ll be frantically mashing out the names of German scientists.

It’s a perfect way to waste a few minutes today, and if you’re bored with the rampant nationalism surrounding the Olympics its a fantastic tonic. Knock yourself out, and Elmo several times, here.


  • Fun time waster, however the fact you get stunned when tying against the stronger characters is pretty rude.

    Bert Ryu for the win though =P

  • lol blatently ripping off capcom property is one thing but tracing over the sprite artwork and just recolouring is it is just cheeky

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