Size Comparison: Xbox One S Vs Xbox One Vs PS4

Video: The $549 2TB version of Microsoft's new, slimmer Xbox One S came out yesterday, but just how slim is it? Through the power of video, we have compared it to the original Xbox One, a PS4 and Quimby the cat. Remember, this new Xbox One S is pretty much even in power with the original Xbox One. Aside from being smaller, it doesn't have a power brick (yay!), can output high-dynamic range graphics for games and displays made for that and supports 4K Blu-ray and streaming playback. But it's not the leap forward in processing power that Microsoft has planned. That will be Project Scorpio, the way more powerful Xbox One set for release late next year.


    I don't understand the lack of power brick as being a feature? I much prefer a separate brick, one less thing generating heat inside the console and one point of failure thats easily replaced. I had the PSU break on the original Xbox, picked up a replacement from a third party in HK.

    ... but I guess I'm also one of those freaks that prefers controllers with AA batteries. My Eneloops last 10 times longer than a Playstation controller and when they do run out, I swap them out with a fresh pair.

      I prefer AA batteries for easy replacement, but power bricks off all kinds just suck. If the console is just as reliable then it sounds like a win win for me

      Yeah I'm kinda with you on that. I'm sure not having a power brick is awesome if you've got limited space, but I like having it separate because if my 360 taught me anything, the power brick's probably (but hopefully not) going to die and it's a lot easier replacing a detachable part.

      Same with the batteries. Eneloops are awesome. In-built rechargeable batteries are 100% awful 100% of the time.

      Haven't used batteries in years, it's not like there is a shortage of micro usb cables/slots on my coffee table for the x1 controllers with the battery pack in it or my ps4 controllers. I'm prob the exception I guess though as my partner is as much of a gamer as me and loves all the cables everywhere that she can plug her phone or controllers into when they get low.

      Last edited 03/08/16 10:01 pm

      While there is an advantage of keeping the PSU separate, I prefer it built in.

      Those things have become as proprietary as ink cartridges so if one loses the brick, one has to hope there is a good quality third party replacement.

    So its had bit of a diet, removed the giant turd that was hanging out of its arse and has been jogging recently... noice work.

    Why is he doing this video on the floor? Does he not have a table?

    The two-tone colouring also helps make the console look smaller than it is. With the stack of consoles at the start of the video, at first I assumed the bottom section of the Xbox One S was part of the PS4 below it.

    ^ Tru dat.

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