Slim PS4 Apparently Unboxed Before Sony Can Even Announce It

On September 7, Sony is expected to announce two new models of the PlayStation 4. They should only bother announcing one, because the Slim looks like it's already well and truly out there. Image: ZRZ

Image: ZRZ

Having apparently turned up on an auction site over the weekend, British YouTuber ZRZ has now seemingly got his hands on an entire brand new retail box. We can't of course confirm that it's the real deal, but this would be one hell of a hoax were it not, especially since he boots it up on his TV and interacts with the controller.

Though the video of the console itself has since been removed, it didn't show much that's new, since we've already seen what it reportedly looks like. But it did give us a closer/better look than the photos shown at auction, and from more angles than those provided by Eurogamer's story on that auction's winner.

Image: ZRZ

One thing that is new, and which we haven't seen mentioned to date, is this neat little feature: The new console also has a new DualShock 4 controller, which makes a small strip of the lightbar visible from the top of the controller, meaning you won't have to poke your head around to see which colour you are in the middle of a FIFA night.

Image: ZRZ

On September 7, Sony will hold an event called the PlayStation Meeting in New York City, where the company will unveil their more powerful PS4, code-named Neo, which Kotaku broke news of earlier this year. A good guess would be that they plan to announce the PS4 Slim then as well, and that it will be available very soon.

Image: ZRZ

We reached out to Sony for comment but had not heard back at time of writing.


    Looks like a laptop in Sony inspired plastic shell, and the design is fine.

    though if i was buying this release i would miss how the original has the Black and that blue lighted bit, i would have expected that to stay in some form or another to be part of this console signature look.

    Last edited 24/08/16 9:10 am

    *shrug* Not understanding any of the hate directed at it myself. The design is sleek, it's not ugly, it fits in with decor in general. The point of 'slim' models is to cut down on build costs, in this case 'touch' buttons (see previous ps3 revisions with its 'pop top'). Looks fine to me, coulda been oh so much worse imho.

      *shrug* Not understanding any of the hate directed at it myself.

      Must be from iAddicts; it looks like the early Apple TV and Time Capsules. They get very protective of Apple form factors.

      Last edited 24/08/16 8:09 am

        lol possibly. I think for a cheaper build they've hit that nice area of cheaper design vs nice form factor. When you look at some previous playstation re-envisioning, they were *fucking ugly* as sin. The third version of the PS3 was god awful, in a heinous way, like they handed it off to a crack smoking penguin and said 'Here, no hands we know, but let your flippers do the talking with the designing...'

          Is that the one with the manual slide cover for the disk? Yeah it's horrible and the grooves collect so much dust. But hey, it can still play PS1 games so it's got that going for it

            Man the PS1 had so many amazing games... I wanna play Omega boost again!!!!!!

              Here, you may borrow mine; I'll just take this Omega Boost game as collateral to ensure the unit on loan doesn't get damaged.


        I don't care for Apple anything and still think this looks fugly :p

      Yeah, it's fine. It's not going to win any design awards, but it's not hideous either. Gets the job done.

    Is polygon going to know how to turn this one on?

    You know what I appreciate? Actual buttons for power / eject!!

      To be fair I think they dropped they capacitive touch power/eject in favour of push buttons from the 1TB model onwards.

      They're actually buttons on the current model PS4. The launch model had touch sensitive ones, but they changed them to clickable ones when the did the revised internals

    *shrugs* Meh. It's not ugly, but it's nowhere near as stylish as the current ps4. As long as you can remove the stock hdd and replace it with 2tb of awesome like you can now then its fine.

    I'm surprised not to see pictures of the NEO as well. Can't get away with anything these days. Looks great though.

    If the slim is basically Sony's answer to the X1s then I will buy it. But if it's just a slim version of the current PS4 I will pass. Also, all the videos of it on Youtube are vanishing quicker than US men swimmers from Rio. Sony are copyright striking all videos that have any evidence of this unboxing.

    Last edited 24/08/16 9:11 am

      I thought that was a bit strange, though... can they actually copyright a photo of the console? I mean, copyright the actual software or whatever, sure, or even a photo of the console if it's a photo owned by Sony e.g. one they created for marketing purposes or whatever. But if one of these things is out there in the wild and somebody takes a photo or video of it, what actual copyright is being violated?

        Copyright not so much, but in many countries (including Australia) a photograph that contains confidential information can be controlled, denied publication or taken down since its existence was caused by a breach of duty.

          But even after demanding they be taken down from other sites, these photos are still all over Kotaku AU. I assume they're there because Sony haven't demanded they be taken down. Just seems pointless to take some of them down and leave others up.

          Meh, what do I know? Doesn't really matter anyway, we all know it's out there now.

            *shrug* I think it's pointless to try to remove something from the internet once it's there, but Sony will be Sony I suppose.

      It's a Slim revision of PS4. It doesn't have 4K capability whatsoever. That'll be the Neo.

    USB port on the back!!!! Finally!!!!

      No, that is the AUX port for the camera.

    Because that was my only complaint about the DS4, needs more lights on the front of the controller.

    Solid logic Sony.

      I think they've replaced the shitty original thumbsticks. Those were my only gripe.

    I personally like the more angular look of the current model. Anyway.....

    Bring on the NEO! ;-)

    Supposedly this is the same price as the PS4 but smaller and cheaper to manufacture? I hope they have good gaming bundles.. At least the One S is more powerful and has a few new features - while chucking in a few games for the same price.

    But why announce it at the same time as the Neo? Seems counter productive if its not going to be cheaper. Makes me wonder what the Neo actually will be.

    The only slim console I genuinely liked was the PS2 Slim (and I still have it hooked up to my TV). The original PS4 design is already slim so I don't really see the point in this new design.

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