Snapchat's First Multi-Level Game Stars Serena Williams' Outfits

Snapchat has started featuring its first multi-level video game, a retro tennis title based on Serena Williams' 22 major tennis victories, each with its own level. And, for an 8-bit Gatorade-sponsored ad buried beneath ESPN's Snapchat Discover stories (baseball player Carlos Gomez running into a wall and a stack of kids sliding down a hill on a piece of cardboard), Serena Match Point killed it on the fashion. 10/10.

Serena Match Point

The best part about the game isn't that Snapchat is being used for something other than sending dick pics or blurry footage of frat party keg stands. Like Snapchat, Serena Match Point's main mechanic is swiping. Even with mediocre reflexes, it's not difficult to time your swipe to meet your enemy's tennis smashes. Throughout the simple swipe-to-play tennis game, in which you slam a ball over the net à la Williams, Serena Match Point was pretty glitchy: A few times, when I received a text, the game froze and I had to restart from the last save point.

No, Serena Match Point's gameplay isn't what stands out. Actually, it was Williams' threads. I was blown away by how fucking accurate Williams' outfits were, for 22 whole levels, ever since her 1999 U.S. Open victory.

God damn. Her headband. Her skirt. The tendrils of her ponytail. Everything. Look at this:

England, 2015

Pavel Golovkin/AP

USA, 2013

David Goldman/AP

USA, 1999

Mark J. Terrill/AP

Australia, 2015

Bernat Armangue/AP

To check out the game, head to ESPN's Discover channel on Snapchat. When you see Serena Match Point, swipe up. It's also hosted on

On September 10th, Williams will be up for her 23rd major title. If she wins, Serena Match Point's 23rd level will become available.


    Why is Serena Williams being played by a diglett?

      Thank goodness I'm not the only one who thought this.

      with the amount of testosterone shes packing, its probably a dugtrio.

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