Some Of Comic-Con 2016's Best Cosplay

Now that 2016's San Diego Comic-Con is in the books, it's time to look back at what's probably cosplay's biggest event of the year.

Because it's so big, and because posting an image gallery on a website couldn't hope to include even a fraction of those present, here's a 7-minute video instead.

It was shot by Mineralblu, and alongside the cosplay there's some party, toy and showroom floor footage that really gives you a good idea of just how crazy Comic Con can be to attend.


    There was also AVCon a few weeks back in adelaide, kotaku never put anything about on there site for aome reason. Dont worry about oz guys. Heres my video of the con. Cheers

      Hey Figaro! If you look back a few weeks you'll find I covered some of the cool cosplay stuff from AVCon already:

        Ahhh cool. Skipped passed it, cos there was nothin in the title sayin it was from avcon. Thanks for putting something on kotaku anyway.

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