Some Of The Best PC Games Ever Made Hit Steam Today

There wasn't much fanfare made about the move, but a collection of classic Sierra games turned up on Steam today, including the very best of them. Standouts include the Quest for Glory and Police Quest collections, while two of the underrated Caesar games also make an appearance.

Here's the list in full:

Police Quest™ Collection

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned

Arcanum - Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura

Quest for Glory Collection


Phantasmagoria 2

Caesar 3

Caesar 4

$US10 ($13) for that Quest for Glory collection is a good way to spend a weekend (if you haven't picked these up on GoG already, where most of these titles are already available).


    Goddamn it Sierra... Just when I was out... JUST WHEN I WAS OUT!!!!!

      ...they pulled you back in!

        And I'm damn glad to be pulled back in. The quality of these games, the memories of my childhood they bring, I'm more than glad to pay again for every single one :)

        But I must ask... will we see the KINGS QUEST series on there???

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          Kings quest is on GOG as well as the other Quest Games

          Before you go the Steam route, double check I'm pretty sure the games you are after are in there.

            Yeah I did, around 13.09 for 123, then 456 and 78 respectively, around 40 for the whole series. Not too bad. I'm interested to see what pricing point Steam puts up tbh but then that's pretty much dollar for dollar the same amount I think.

            EDIT: Just bought the whole shebang on Humble Bundle, thanks for the heads up @xxryan !!!!!!!

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      FYI - There's currently a humble bundle with most of these games in it. Pretty good value if you're interested.

    Every time I see a Sierra game it reminds me of that one Old Man Murray article. And it makes me shudder.

    Sierra in particular. Such obtuse puzzles, Death states in adventure games. Always liked Lucasarts more. Though I had affection for Gabriel Knight's story and Tim Curry in general.

    But wait, what, they have Arcanum on there?! Man that game was great.

      Man Arcanum.... what a double edged sword. A game with such a great world and premise, hampered by TERRIBLE mechanics.

      Now i want to play it.

        hopefully it isn't as busted as the GOG version, which has a few graphics bugs on new OSs.

        I kinda forgot about the mechanics. Nostalgia is a funky thing. I remember it being slightly clunky now though. I think I didn't care because it was steampunk fallout basically. My nostalgia for crpgs way surpasses my nostalgia for adventure games. Actually, no, crpgs are still great. Adventure games are still hit and miss for me. I got fond memories of Zork Nemesis and Tex Murphy adventure games but they can live forever in my memory.

          I bought Arcanum when it was released... never finished it. Then bought it again on GoG. Still couldn't push through the crappy systems to finish it.

          It has not aged well. it would be great is someone updated it, because as you say, Steampunk Fallout sounds crazy cool.

        What was wrong with the mechanics? I must confess I'm used to the fan patches so maybe that colours my perception of it.

          Magic is significantly overpowered, the way combat works in either turn based or real time is pretty wonky, the schematic design balance is all off (grenades with no self damage?)... those are the ones that come to mind the most.

          Admittedly, the story and stuff was fine, just slogging through those stupidly long dungeons was just a chore.

      Death in puzzle games were the best parts of the Sierra games lol

    Question: Why write an article about this when you can get them as you mentioned on GoG already, which is a much better alternative?

      This. These games have been on GoG for dogs' years.

      Because some of us prefer to keep our games within our steam library rather than over at GOG so this is relevant information to us

        Good point but I'll take a DRM free version any day.

          Depends on the game. It's been a decade so I don't know if this trick still works.

          But some games simply used Steam as a delivery platform; once installed the game doesn't need Steam. I once got Commander Keen through Steam and found it was DRM wrapped.

          But there is every chance even the retro catalog has been change to lock it down.

        You know that you can add games bought in other platforms or just installed directly in your PC to your Steam library, right?

          Yeah, but I still need to then use another client to install and manage, I don't get steamworks integration if that is available and it is more effort for me to do that.

    Quest for Glory - the best! A game so good they remade it with better graphics 3 years later. How bout a 2016 remake? Eh it would probably suck...just can't recreate that charm.

      Wish they remade QFG2 with those updated graphics... transferring your save from the remade #1 to the text-based #2, to the nicer #3 is nasty :(

        Your lucky day. AGD Interactive did remake 2 with updated graphics ...


            There is also Quest for Infamy by the same guys. If you dig Quest for Glory you will prob enjoy it.

        The parser interface in Trial by Fire was part of its charm, I actually prefer that version (and the parser version of QFG1) to the point and click remakes.

    I'm good, have had them for years on *GOG

    Time to get my Hero Quest errr... Quest for Glory on again. "Hut of brown now sit down!"

    Still no Space Quest on the Australian steam store??
    Is it a developer / rights thing?

      try on gog
      Like everyone else has been saying - these have been available for 6 years already
      But somehow it is only now newsworthy.

        Yeah I know and I already own them.

        I'm curious as to why Space Quest isn't on the Aussie Steam store.

      space quest is on GOG:

      Last edited 30/08/16 8:08 pm

    Arcanum? Unexpected... Such a flawed game with such a great story and soundtrack... do I dare fall down that hole again?

    Humble Sierra Bundle is live today!

    I feel bad for anyone that bought them currently from steam and suggest you get a refund and buy the bundle!

      I saw this yesterday and forgot to make that connection... sometimes when older games suddenly appear on Steam the cause is a Humble Bundle deal is coming.

    Before you pay for them on steam, They're all available in a single humble bundle. Still get steam keys.

    Also this:

    Play the old Sierrra games online, in your web browser.

    Gabriel Knight 2- (FMV game) - "More Swans... More Swans .... More Swans"

    Now if only I didn't already own Arcanum on GoG! :P

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