Some Unexpected Cosplay At A Recent Donald Trump Rally

It was surprising enough when your holidaying editor-in-chief discovered last Thursday that Donald Trump was also in Portland, Maine and was about to give a speech a few blocks away. It was even more surprising when the people picketing outside the rally turned out to include a guy dressed as a Captain America villain. The Trump rally drew supporters and protesters, of course. As you'll see and hear in the video above, it also drew a cosplayer dressed as The Red Skull. He didn't want to give his real name or reveal his political persuasion. But he did want to make a little scene.

Why wasn't he on the other side of the street with the pro- and anti-Trump protesters? He said a friend had told him that Homeland Security probably wouldn't permit him to protest while wearing a mask.

So he picketed from afar.

If you're trying to get a flavour for the afternoon...

Here's some pro-Trump folks that were outside. (Most of the pro-Trump people were inside of the sold-out venue where the Republican candidate was speaking).

Here's the anti-Trump crowd, very few of whom got inside.

Bonus: Here's a guy who showed up cosplaying as FDR.


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