Someone Beat Dark Souls 3 Without Getting Hit

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They didn't get hit. Not even once.

How is this possible?

Of course it's possible. We live on the internet now. People do insane things, particularly with Dark Souls.

But this is particularly insane, because The Happy Hob only recently beat the original Dark Souls without getting hit. I'm amazed that this guy has unearthed the secrets of Dark Souls 3 so quickly, to the point where he could pull this off. Pretty amazing.

Watch live video from The_Happy_Hob on

You can watch the whole thing above. But I recommend jumping to roughly 9:08:00, towards the end. Just to see the reaction when it all goes down.

Or you can chill out for 10 hours. Your choice.


    SL1 no dodge no block no parry seems more impressive

    Last edited 03/08/16 10:54 am

    Just cannot fathom the idea of getting through the Souls games without being hit... it's sickening.

    He was the third person to beat DS3 no-hit but was the first person to beat the All Bosses version of the no-hit run.

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