Someone Is Offering Dota 2 Lessons For Somewhere To Sleep


Lessons to get better at video games are nothing new. Professional gamers have been earning pocket money as tutors for well over a decade now. But one gamer has gone a little further, by offering to teach people Dota 2 skills — in exchange for a place to sleep.

The post from user reflectionofself is fairly straightforward. They've fallen on hard financial times and they don't have a job. So in the interim, while they search and touch up their resumes, they're looking to share their Dota 2 wisdom — if someone in San Francisco's Bay Area will give them a place to stay.

"I apologise if this is inappropriate," the thread begins, "but I'm in a dire financial situation and need a place to sleep for a little bit. Just need a floor, at night. I will teach you well, in person. I used to be 5.8k one year ago, now I'm a bit rusty but still 5k level. Please let me know if you can help me out."

It's the kind of situation nobody wants to find themselves in: poor, potentially homeless, and desperate. But it's also the kind of situation that can bring out the best in gamers. Because while the gaming community, especially Dota 2 fans, can have a toxic bent, they're also capable of exceptional goodwill and warmth. A few have already offered places to stay, as well as potential job offers:

People have been flooding the thread with sensible advice about touching up resumes, as well as links and locations of shelters in San Francisco, Oakland and other nearby cities:

Some have also recommended relocating for work, although it's not always for people who have fallen on hard times to get up and move. Fuel costs money, after all, and when you're strapped for cash every cent counts.

At the time of writing reflectionofself's was still seeking a resolution to their situation. But considering that the Dota 2 community donated more than $US19 million to this year's International alone, I wouldn't be surprised if fans of the game in the Bay Area were happy to reach out again to help one of their own.


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