Sony Is Taking Playstation VR To Australian Shopping Centres

2016 might be the year that virtual reality finally landed in the hands of consumers, but it hasn't exactly had a raft of killer games to go with it. And that's one of the curiosities facing PlayStation VR. Will the games be enough?

Fortunately, there's an answer for those on the fence about the technology. Sony will be taking their VR headset around Australia later this year, giving gamers a chance to decide for themselves.

Ahead of the headset's local launch on October 13, Sony has arranged to tour the headset across Westfields in the ACT, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland throughout September to November with a series of pop-up booths.

You'll have to register ahead of time if you want to try out the headset — or at least register for the opportunity to make a booking, at any rate. Once that's sorted, here's where and when you'll be able to try PSVR out:

Westfield Southland, VIC (10-11 September) Westfield Knox, VIC (17-18 Sept) Westfield Belconnen, ACT (24-25 Sept) Westfield Parramatta, NSW (8-9 October) Westfield Bondi, NSW (15-16 Oct) Westfield Chatswood, NSW (22-23, 29-30 Oct) Westfield Hornsby, NSW (12-13 November) Westfield Garden City, QLD (19-20, 26-27 Nov)

It's a bit of a bummer that Queensland shoppers won't be able to trial the PSVR in person until after the October 13 launch, but it will at least give some gamers an opportunity to try it on for size before Christmas rolls around. (And there should be a few more games available by then too, which is always helpful.)


    It’s a bit of a bummer that Queensland shoppers won’t be able to trial the PSVR in person until after the October 13 launch

    At least it's coming, they're not even bother with anywhere further west than Melbourne.
    That's rubbish.

      they're not even bother with anywhere further west than Melbourne

      They're ignoring a good chunk of Melbourne itself. I'm northern suburbs, Knox is over an hours drive from here. Wouldn't even consider south land.

      yep Melbourne, what a laugh. Southland is the worst place to try and get to unless you live there. I don't get why the PA peeps didn't go for CBD for every capital and then go for the side places.

      I'd say at this rate it isn't getting much press in the general public.... but all pre-orders in my area are sold out until next year so I guess they don't need to advertise a product until they can supply stock for it.

    I assume EB will be running in store kiosks or something too... right?

      Yeah EB will have demos in store (in select locations) for people who have are on level 10 carrots, have a pre order and will trade in 5 or more games. They'll call it the Gold Pass, but then quickly and quietly shelve the the idea after the entirely predictable outcry

    Well not worry. Im sure you can get PINKEYE from somewhere else

    Great to see them covering all 3 states of Australia. Well done, Sony!

    Sweet, Knox is my usual cinema destination, so PS VR here I come.

    Hello over here. Hi dont forget me. I want to try to.
    Yes thats right im in South australia.
    We dont smell you know, we are not dog poo
    I have money i want to spend. Lots of it.

    Hello again. Still over here. Still waiting.
    Im getting lonely, i want my mummy.

    But if you guys cant be bothered to display your VR over here, why should i be bothered to buy it.
    Seriously how hard is to to setup.

    Guess i wait for ebgames in the city to set it up.

    where can i get the psvr bundle in australia??? its bullshit they dont have it at jb and eb

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