Sony Just Promoted A Game And It’s Getting Wrecked

Gamescom is live and running, which means new trailers and gameplay footage is flying out the door.

One of the games Sony just featured is called Solbrain Knight of Darkness, and you can buy it from the US PlayStation Store now. But judging by the footage Sony just promoted on their YouTube channel and the way gamers have responded, you probably shouldn’t.

According to the product page, Solbrain is a fairly standard 3D action-adventure. There’s plenty of enemy types, different locations, what looks like some heavily armoured creatures, a big glowing red sword that looks like it was borrowed from Lightning, and a general setting that’s described as “Dark Fantasy”.

But something doesn’t look quite right. Actually, it looks pretty awful.

The graphics look … dated. Really dated. There’s an overlay for the controls in every single shot. The draw distance reminds me of games from the 90’s.

And then there’s this.

It’s no wonder fans are taking the trailer to the cleaners.


What’s staggering is that the launch trailer looks noticeably worse than the gameplay footage published to the PlayStation channel in February. It didn’t look like a blockbuster hit then either, but it’s worlds apart from what popped up today.

But apart from the unfinished visuals, people have also pointed out the strange amount of assets that don’t belong — or rather, seem like they belong to something else. A few pointed out the fact that the font looks suspiciously like the one found in iMovie. Reviewers on Amazon have also accused the game of stealing assets from other games, like Skyrim, World of Warcraft and Tera Online, and the character in the game’s banner looks suspiciously identical to an elf wallpaper uploaded to DeviantArt a few years ago.

Even if there wasn’t a massive question mark over the assets, the footage still looks unfinished at best. It’s not exactly the best advertisement for the PS4, is it?

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