Sony Just Promoted A Game And It's Getting Wrecked

Image: PlayStation

Gamescom is live and running, which means new trailers and gameplay footage is flying out the door.

One of the games Sony just featured is called Solbrain Knight of Darkness, and you can buy it from the US PlayStation Store now. But judging by the footage Sony just promoted on their YouTube channel and the way gamers have responded, you probably shouldn't.

According to the product page, Solbrain is a fairly standard 3D action-adventure. There's plenty of enemy types, different locations, what looks like some heavily armoured creatures, a big glowing red sword that looks like it was borrowed from Lightning, and a general setting that's described as "Dark Fantasy".

But something doesn't look quite right. Actually, it looks pretty awful.

The graphics look ... dated. Really dated. There's an overlay for the controls in every single shot. The draw distance reminds me of games from the 90's.

And then there's this.

Image: Youtube/Solbrain Knight of Darkness

It's no wonder fans are taking the trailer to the cleaners.

What's staggering is that the launch trailer looks noticeably worse than the gameplay footage published to the PlayStation channel in February. It didn't look like a blockbuster hit then either, but it's worlds apart from what popped up today.

But apart from the unfinished visuals, people have also pointed out the strange amount of assets that don't belong — or rather, seem like they belong to something else. A few pointed out the fact that the font looks suspiciously like the one found in iMovie. Reviewers on Amazon have also accused the game of stealing assets from other games, like Skyrim, World of Warcraft and Tera Online, and the character in the game's banner looks suspiciously identical to an elf wallpaper uploaded to DeviantArt a few years ago.

Even if there wasn't a massive question mark over the assets, the footage still looks unfinished at best. It's not exactly the best advertisement for the PS4, is it?


    Pretty sure that the whole video was made using iMovie. Even the background and transitions look like they come from there. (aware that it was mentioned, just corroborating).

    Seriously does look like it's from the 90s. Geez Louise.

      Nah, too pretty for the 90's.

      For comparison's sake, System Shock 2 was released 1999.

      This has a more... Dynasty Warriors 8 feel, which is 2013.

    A bad game getting wrecked on youtube, this must be one of the pesky days of the week that ends in the letter d-a-y. Why is this news?

    Oh look there is even a narky No Man's Sky comment. That's original. Roll eyes.

      Oh look, it its another anonymous poster on a gaming news website, commenting that they hate an article that no one forced them to read. That's Original. Roll eyes.

        This is the equivalent of a child repeating an adults words. Do not be proud of yourself.

    No, we got trolled.
    Seriously, that trailer was made in iMovies using a standard trailer format... soooooo cheap.
    Looks like Drakken (which was great in the 90's...on ps2).
    Bah, bad joke...


    Last edited 17/08/16 3:08 pm

      Somehow Digital Homicide released something on the Playstation Store?

        Despite how bad this looks, there has still been more work put into it than ANY game DigiHom has made.

    If stereotypes have taught me anything its that Japanese Businessmen are notoriously filthy, clearly someone has a serious dirt file and is blackmailing Sony into making this.

      Just ask Jake Adelstein. Yakuza are threatening to kill everyone if this game is not released.

    It's so bad I'd actually expect someone to get fired for even allowing that to be released to public viewing. Seriously if I was in charge around there I'd find out who signed off on that and show them the unemployment line.

    Agro's cartoon connection had better production values than that.

    Last edited 18/08/16 10:09 am

      Is that a cross between Agro's cartoon connection and the movie Argo? if so, it sounds amazing and count me in

    Yeah, but the main character is a woman. So it will be defended and used as a triumphant push for progressive people.


    Girl walks on water... Jesus was a woman.... Illuminati confirmed.

    It's limbo of the lost for the current gen!

    (For those that can't remember;

    Last edited 17/08/16 6:05 pm

    Draw distance looks fine, certainly not like games from the 90s. The issue appears to be absurdly strong DOF that simulates myopia.

    And what's up with this line? "It’s no wonder fans are taking the trailer to the cleaners."
    Fans of what? Games?

    Careful people, feminists will get angry if you say it is a shit looking game since the main role is female so you must be sexist.

      I don't think a male lead could save this game.

        I don't think some kind of super...... quad -gendered, all sexual, bipartisan, cyborg, borne from the love triangle between Batman, Yoda and Kate Beckinsale, could save it.

        Perhaps this is the true glue of humanity, the catalyst that allows us to progress beyond the petty squabbling.........we shall join in our hatred for this game.

    It needs a little blurb at the beginning that says "captured from in game footage"









    Looks like an upscaled PS2 game.

    Ok, actually maybe not upscaled...

    Cool. Watch as i buy it and the world doesn't crumble.

    Okay character graphics
    Bad environment graphics
    Terrible Depth of Field effect
    Really bad animations on everything, why make a trailer that so obviously shows character weapons clipping?
    Really bad UI design and fonts
    Really generic trailer format
    No particles or effects for swings or hits

    The only reason I can see why Sony would promote this is because it looks like an Indie Studio from Brazil, a country that's only just finding it's feet in the games scene

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