Soon It Will Be Way Easier To Use A PS4 Controller On PC

Sick of messing with drivers to get your DualShock 4 working on PC? Worry not. The solution, as always, is a dongle. Sony has announced plans to release a wireless adaptor for the PS4 controller that works on both PC and Mac. It will go on sale in Australia on September 16 for $34.95, roughly the same price as the $US25 Sony is charging in the US.

It's not 100 per cent clear just how many games it will support, either, and Sony's statement is a bit vague:

"This adaptor will let you connect a DualShock 4 to PC and Mac wirelessly," Sony says, "and will enable every feature of the controller you know and love: buttons, analogue sticks, touch pad, light bar, motion sensors, vibration, and stereo headset jack — as long as the gaming application supports these features."

You'll also be able to use the dongle for PS4 Remote Play and for PlayStation Now, Sony's service for streaming PS3 games, which will launch on PC "soon".


    That is actually less than US price, right now, including GST it equates to $36.16

    Has anyone had much luck with remote play on PC? Even with a wired connection to my PS4 it's laggy and unreliable, meanwhile my Steam Link works fine.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Remote Play go via the internet? Whereas Steam Link merely goes through the local network?

        It can work over the internet, but primarily it's supposed to be used over the local network (why bring the internet into the equation if I just want to stream my PS4 to another room?)

      It's worked pretty well for me, but I've only tried streaming in my own home. Mind you it does drop out every now and then so not ideal.

      Not had a problem with it. My PS4 and PC are cabled into the same network.

      Using a wired connection myself & Remote Play works without any hiccups. The unnecessarily low bitrate & input lag can be annoying though. Here's hoping Sony decide to improve this because the current bitrate is fine for a small screen like the PS Vita but not for a PC Monitor.

      I had issues with remote play over internet, but it actually turned out to be the wifi router dropping the connection rather than the internet being unstable. I changed the router and everything was fine after that.

      Note that you can control the bandwidth requirements by dropping the resolution (framerate is already 'standard'). Things look a bit ugly at 360p, but games are playable.

    I paid less than that for a (wired) logitech gamepad that is shaped the same as a DS4 a couple years ago.

    I'm interested as I prefer the PS joystick layout, but wonder if using it will replace the PC standard of XBox button prompts.
    If not then I might as well stick with the wireless Logitec controller I bought.

      That would really depend on the game, some games already let you use PS4 controllers (without needing to use the DS4/inputMapper app) so for those it would be just like playing it on PS4. For others I assume you'll still need the app and still see Xbox buttons on-screen - the only difference is it'll be wireless now.

    Does the DS4 have anything like the XBOX 360/One chatpads? It'd make a great on the couch controller, especially if you can use the headset connection.

    FFS!!! i just ordered an expensive aftermarket xbox 360 USB wireless adapter so i can use my xbox 360 controllers on the pc for a whooping $12 WHY DOES THE INTERNET HATE ME??? WHY DOES MY KEYBOARD SMELL LIKE MY CHEESEBOARD???

    Seriously tho would much prefer to buy this and use my DS4 controllers LOL

    as long as the application supports it
    As long as the Operating System, Microsoft, supports it... one security updater later.

    Or you know buy an Xbone elite controller for PC gaming. "It is the future of gaming."

    I don't understand. The DS4 connects via Bluetooth to my computer, my Surface Pro 4 and my Raspberry Pi 3 perfectly. The touchpad works, the light works, everything works. For Windows you use DS4Tool and everything else just seems to support the controller already.

    Is this really a $35 Bluetooth dongle and a repackage of free software?

      Yes. Yes it is. But it's a Sony dongle, so busy mums and dads and those less confident will buy it. It's a no brainer for Sony. Fair enough as well - more profit for them means more games for us.

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    I wonder how many games will support it. Yeah, it's possible to play most games sans support, but proper support goes a long way towards making it a much more enjoyable experience. Most of the people I know who use controllers on windows have preferred the DS4, myself included. Hopefully all of the developers get on-board!

    I don't understand this thing at all. My DS4 is already BT paired to my Mac & playing games (OpenEmu, Steam..etc) with no drivers or 3rd party software already. Why would I need this?!

      perhaps, i dont know, maybe there are some people out there that do not have bluetooth.... and want to use their DS4 wirelessly... hmmm i wonder if a product existed for this

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