Spotify Has A Section For Gaming Now

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Just about every gamer I know uses Spotify in some form or another. And while we're not about to get something really cool — like Audiosurf built into Spotify or something — this is still pretty handy news.

It's called Spotify Gamers, and it pretty much does what it says on the box. It's basically a new section within Spotify for video game-related soundtracks, like Florence + The Machine's songs for Final Fantasy XV, and playlists.

There's a pretty good mix of original soundtracks so far: Fallout 4, The Last of Us, everything from GTA 5, Winter's End (from I Am Setsuna), Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hyper Light Drifter, Flower, Titanfall, Command and Conquer, and more. A lot of this was already available, of course, but being curated into its own section now makes it a lot easier to find.

Also, I love the fact that EA uploaded the soundtrack for SSX and the original Red Alert. The commute home on a Monday certainly feels like a Hell March.

Spotify will also be using the section to highlight guest playlist from various personalities within gaming. Broadcaster and long-time Starcraft devotee Sean "Day[9]" Plott is currently highlighted, along with the British YouTubers Sneaky Zebra.

There's also a list of the most popular tracks "in gaming playlists" on Spotify. Here's the top 10:

  1. Remember The Name feat. Styles Of Beyond (Fort Minor, Styles Of Beyond)
  2. I'm an Albatraoz (AronChupa)
  3. Stronger (Kanye West)
  4. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid (The Offspring)
  5. First Of The Year [Equinox] (Skrillex)
  6. Rap God (Eminem)
  7. Sail (AWOLNATION)
  8. Flight (Tristam, Braken)
  9. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
  10. Wake Me Up (Avicii)

Just out of that was Feel Good Inc from Gorillaz. I always liked the 19-2000 Soulchild remix, but that's more of a poppy song.

What's your favourite songs for gaming?


    Wait, why isn't Darude - Sandstorm in that list?

      Arguably it should be on every list since according to Youtube commenters it's the name of every song ever created.

      What's Darude - Sandstorm?

        It's a rather impolite bit of intense weather situated around beaches and desert areas.

          Now I can't stop thinking of it as A Rude Sandstorm. Which fits with the origin of his stage name, I guess.

    KMFDM + Pendulum songs are generally my go to playlists for gaming.

      Hmmm. I just searched KMFDM, and it was definitely not what I expected, especially when you follow it with + Pendulum...

        Their songs can be quite diverse haha. These are some of the stand outs for me:
        Free Your Hate
        Stray Bullet

          Wow ok, when I commented before, I only just chucked them into google and the genres said "Industrial Rock/Industrial Metal". I guess subconsciously I ignored the "Industrial" because I'm low on coffee/concentration...

          Now that I've actually bothered to listen, now it makes total sense lol. I'll be checking out more of their stuff. Thanks!

    Now we just need them to get some Japanese music! Bring on the anime intro themes!

    When did spotify start needing a download and install for PC?

    I forget games have music, I nearly always turn it off within 5 mins unless it's a rare game that sets the mood very cinematically.

    Where the hell is the Snake Eater theme song in that list?

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