Static Podcast: We Can't Stop Talking About No Man's Sky

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In this week's episode: We look back on the games, gadgets and food trends of 2016 so far plus we answer your questions about kids and social media.

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Static is sponsored by the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. You no longer need to make compromises when buying a 2-in-1 device for work and fun.

In this episode of Static, host Rae Johnston is joined by Lifehacker Australia's Spandas Lui, Gizmodo Australia's Campbell Simpson and Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia.

As always, a big thanks to The X Studio.

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    Campbell seems like a pretty cool guy, has thoughts and approaches to things that mirror my own a lot. Doesn't afraid of anything :P

    I hadn't heard the term freakshakes at all, but yeah those things always seemed ridiculous. Reminds me of stupid cupcakes with an absolute mountain of icing on top, way too impractical to actually eat. Especially sporting the beard at the moment, and having to make a whole lot of concessions in my eating methods :P Also what's the deal with all these places serving things in jars?

      Because normal drinking receptacles aren't edgy or cool.

      It's why I always have my coffee in a terracotta hanging fern pot and use reconstituted pvc tubing for a straw.

        Real gentlemen drink their perfume from a bowler hat.

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